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#12733 Queryable API for n games supported? digitall feature request normal --Other--
#12516 AGS: Whispers of a Machine starts with "ERROR! Failed to create user.cfg!" dreammaster defect normal Engine: AGS
#12359 ScummVM Crash trying to play SpyFox 1 and PajamaSam 2 bluegr defect normal --Unset-- gsoc
#12308 Ultima IV: VGA graphics setting crashes dreammaster defect normal Engine: Ultima
#12300 TOON: Unknown game variant sev- feature request normal Engine: Toon
#12280 GLK: Request for Apogee Text Adventures / Softporn Adventure PC versions sev- feature request normal Engine: GLK
#12258 AGS: Buffer overflow in AdLib driver at the start of Black Cauldron dreammaster defect normal Engine: AGS
#12134 Latest 3DS Nightlies Crash on Boot defect high --Unset--
#12061 LURE: Lure of the Temptress & ScummVM 2.2.1 pre123 dreammaster defect normal Engine: Lure
#11995 BACKENDS: ANDROID: Starship Titanic 1.00.42b crashes on Android 10 antoniou79 defect blocker Port: Android
#11751 XEEN: Error starting with OpenGL dreammaster defect normal Engine: Xeen
#11722 ZVISION: NEMESIS: Crash when looking at safe bluegr defect normal Engine: ZVision
#11713 IHNM: Unrecognized GOG version sev- defect low Engine: SAGA
#11690 Blazing Dragons: F5 for game menu sev- feature request low Engine: Dragons
#11623 GRIFFON: Sound cuts out after a few seconds sev- defect high Engine: Griffon
#11554 BACKENDS: MacOSX - Adding EcoQuest 1 (CD-ROM) to daily build - exception crash criezy defect normal Port: Mac OS X
#11545 AGI: Winnie (AppleIIGS) - Bad detection entry sev- defect high Engine: AGI
#11540 Speed control sev- feature request normal Engine: Cruise
#11534 BACKENDS: Switch - Balcony crash (Bladerunner) sev- defect normal Ports
#11493 debug mode crashes scummvm bluegr defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#11473 ZVISION: ZGI Crashes Using Vacuum bluegr defect normal Engine: ZVision
#11470 PRINCE: Immortality Elixir Bug sev- defect high Engine: Prince
#11436 Officially mention the SCI debug console shortcut of Ctrl-Shift-D sluicebox feature request normal Web
#11363 Unknown game variant for Toonstruck sev- feature request normal Engine: Toon
#11337 King Quest VI CD and Roland MT-32 emulation with external Munt ZvikaZ defect low Audio: MT32
#11310 ScummVM and Xeen - Talkie Recognition dreammaster defect normal --Unset--
#11068 XEEN: Some beds in Sandcaster are not searchable dreammaster defect normal Engine: Xeen
#11050 SCI: RAMA - Demo Unsupported bluegr feature request normal Engine: SCI
#11041 pack_bladerunner doesn't actually write HDFRAMES.DAT to disk antoniou79 defect normal Tools
#11010 md5sum missing for Blade Runner - Italian version. peterkohaut patch normal Engine: Bladerunner
#10887 AGI: FANMADE: Biri Quest crashes after startup if mouse support enabled ZvikaZ defect normal Engine: AGI
#10840 GLK: FROTZ: ZORK1: Could not load data file dreammaster defect normal Engine: GLK
#10717 Any way to make game run in win native resolution fullscreen? criezy feature request normal Engine: Sword1
#10609 Simon the Sorcerer 2 Crash digitall defect normal Engine: AGOS
#10565 ZVISION: ZGI: Soft-lock when igniting figurine dafioram defect normal Engine: ZVision
#10537 GUI: Ability to resize window bonki defect normal GUI
#10434 sword25: ERROR: IDAT: chunk data is too large! sev- defect normal Engine: Sword25
#10307 CGE: Bug with pig in game "Sołtys" digitall defect normal Engine: CGE
#10279 TITANIC: Ambient music does not start playback after leaving Titania's room dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic
#10243 SQ4 PC98 : SJIS font bugs m-kiewitz defect low Engine: SCI
#10130 TITANIC: Prod'ing the MaitreD takes too long dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic
#10091 TITANIC: Mouse interaction bug during introduction sequence dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic
#10085 SCI: LSL7: Drawing order issue during while winning bowling competition csnover defect normal Engine: SCI
#9951 MOHAWK: Riven: It is impossible to approach the sea animals closely. Jungle Island. bgK defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#9887 TITANIC: Incorrect MaitreD animation at distance dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic
#9784 SCI: GK1: Command Line Warning on start up csnover defect low Engine: SCI
#9774 SCI: Mixed-Up Mother Goose CD '92: No MIDI playback bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#9768 SCI: GK1: Gabriel walks through desk/Grace csnover defect normal Engine: SCI
#9748 SCI: SQ6: Random lockups csnover defect normal Engine: SCI
#9746 SCI: Shivers: Wood Ixupi theme just wont stop bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#9721 Android version crashes on laboratory bench with German version dreammaster defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#9719 Crashes and no sound in fullscreen mode digitall defect normal --Other--
#9659 BASEBALL: crashes on 'play ball' csnover defect blocker Engine: SCUMM
#9647 CINE: FW - Mouse requires long/multiple clicks to register karisal defect normal Engine: Cine
#9638 SCI: GK1: Wrong cursor in Jackson Square park csnover defect normal Engine: SCI
#9604 SCI: PHARKAS: Background not cleared after reloading from bar fight bluegr defect low Engine: SCI
#9550 Discworld game won't run csnover defect normal Engine: Tinsel
#7797 Add option to disable in-game cursor ZvikaZ feature request normal Engine: AGI
#7712 DW2: 'unknown' English version feature request normal Engine: Tinsel
#7706 Make loading of soundfonts faster bonki feature request normal Audio
#7621 PSP: Analog movement resetting full brightness to screen sev- feature request normal Port: PSP
#7568 SYMBIAN - Does not scale up to take up 320x200 pixels anotherguest feature request normal Port: Symbian
#7561 SYMBIAN: Assign default button to middle. anotherguest feature request normal Port: Symbian
#7511 SYMBIAN: E61 S60 3.0 (S60 3rd Edition) / Symbian OS 9.1 anotherguest feature request normal Port: Symbian
#7267 TOOLS: Add support for German DOTT to Rescumm fingolfin feature request normal Tools
#7158 MI1: Crashes at Circus Tent csnover defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#7147 MOHAWK: Myst/Riven on android, drag controls very very drifty dafioram defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#7079 MIDI doesn't work (Dragon History, Linux). csnover defect normal Engine: Draci
#6994 LAB: Can skip intro sequence early and with no fadeout sev- defect high Engine: Lab
#6991 AMAZON: GofE Chap 8 : Jason cannot move across cabin dreammaster defect high Engine: Access
#6989 INDY4: Crashes when looking at breastplate of statue in Atlantis lordhoto defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6962 SHERLOCK: Crash In Tobacco Shop dreammaster defect low Engine: Sherlock
#6910 SHERLOCK: wrong dialogue at Cleopatra's Needle dreammaster defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#6906 SHERLOCK: the foolscap glitch dreammaster defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#6899 SHERLOCK: disappearing info boxes dreammaster defect normal Engine: Sherlock
#6699 FOTAQ: Graphical Glitch on Hotel Room Door digitall defect normal Engine: Queen
#6687 SCI: Quitting while MIDI plays causes hanging notes raziel- defect normal Engine: SCI
#6524 SCUMM: CoMI engine abort with missing musdisk1.bun defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6463 Missing engines/plugins_table.h wjp defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6408 SCI QFG1 Android: d&d prevents from winning Mage's Maze defect normal Engine: SCI
#6363 KYRA: Kyra2 HoF hangs after intro on Android defect normal Engine: Kyra
#6343 INDY3 (AMIGA): Random Crashes in Catacombs bonki defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6230 BASS: ANDROID, game freezes at a specific point dafioram defect normal Engine: Sky
#6215 SCI: Castle of Dr Brain Spanish - crash in the robot room bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#6206 WME: Chivalry - Crash when loading a savegame somaen defect normal Engine: Wintermute
#6187 WEBOS: Touch Input Issues in "Curse of Monkey Island" kayahr defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6185 ANDROID: Crash when (un)plug keyboard on Asus Transformer dafioram defect blocker Port: Android
#6177 SCUMM: ZAK - Can't Control Dolphin with Blue Stone digitall defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6169 DREAMWEB: Game state corruption on reload in Crane's room. digitall defect normal Engine: Dreamweb
#6165 SCI: Pepper: Hanging note with GM or MT32 emu ZvikaZ defect normal Engine: SCI
#6125 SCI: SQ4: Save game is ruined in game's launch defect normal Engine: SCI
#6114 AGOS: Feeble Files - Can't go left in Interrogation eriktorbjorn defect high Engine: AGOS
#6098 SCUMM: Baseball03 Opening video low quality audio defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#6087 PS2: scummvm.ini gets corrupted csnover defect normal Port: PS2
#6031 SCI: LSL5 - Segfault picking up phone in limo as Patti defect normal Engine: SCI
#6024 TINSEL: DW1 Static instead of correct SFX running on OSX defect blocker Engine: Tinsel
#6007 IPHONE: SCI FREDDY Cursor Not Responsive at start of Act 3 defect normal Engine: SCI
#5860 LB: Missing Animations fuzzie defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#5857 NIPPON: no sound in dos version bluegr defect normal Engine: Parallaction
#5848 ANDROID: Can't "hold" left mouse button ccawley2011 defect normal Port: Android
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