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MOHAWK: Myst ME - Do not play fullscreen Myst Island flyby

Reported by: mgiuca Owned by: bgK
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Mohawk
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Cc: Game: Myst


Version: 2.1.0git
Game: Myst Masterpiece Edition (GOG version, June 2018)
OS: Windows 10
Type of bug: Departure from original game behaviour

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Watch the introduction where the book falls onto the ground.
  3. Click the book.
  4. Watch the small video of flying to the island and landing on the dock.
  5. Click the linking panel.

Expected behaviour: Black screen, then arrive on Myst island.
Actual behaviour: A second full-screen video is shown of flying to the island and landing on the dock. This is redundant and feels weird with only the wind sound heard in the background.

Note: I am aware that this second full-screen video was included on the original Myst Masterpiece edition CD-ROM. However, it was never hooked up in the game, for good reason: unlike all the other Age fly-by videos (which are loops, and therefore represent "zooming up" the looped image on the book page), the Myst Island one is a non-repeatable video. It doesn't make sense to play essentially the same video twice.

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comment:1 by bgK, 6 years ago

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Resolution: fixed
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Should be fixed with the most recent update on GOG.

comment:2 by mgiuca, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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It isn't fixed.

Version: GOG "SVM Update 4 (30 July 2018)"

GOG patch notes contains:
"Removed duplicate fly-by video that played during the opening sequence"
"Removed incorrectly placed fly-by video that played when linking back to Myst Island from any of the ages"

However, upon starting the game, the full-screen fly-by video is still seen, just as in the original bug report.

comment:3 by raziel-, 4 years ago

Summary: Myst: Do not play fullscreen Myst Island flybyMOHAWK: Myst ME - Do not play fullscreen Myst Island flyby

comment:4 by tag2015, 8 months ago

I just installed the game through GOG galaxy.
This is a GOG problem, not ScummVM's. When you add the game to ScummVM, the "play flyby movie" option in the game settings is disabled, and the movie is skipped as expected. Of course, the movie is played if you enable the option.

When you start the game manually (or with GOG galaxy), it uses the builtin scummvm version and config file, and for some reason the "flyby" option is enabled for the english version:

savepath=D:\GOG Games\Myst Masterpiece Edition\SAVEGAME
description=Myst (Masterpiece Edition - 25th Anniversary/Windows/English)
extra=Masterpiece Edition - 25th Anniversary
path=D:\GOG Games\Myst Masterpiece Edition
guioptions=sndNoSubs sndNoSpeech sndNoMIDI noAspect gameOption1 lang_English

The issue should be reported to the GOG bugtracker.

Closing (again)

comment:5 by tag2015, 8 months ago

Resolution: worksforme
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