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#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new Zork, Grand Inquisitor, Music defect high
#14455 GRIM: Cloud syncing wastes FPS due to excessive save game scanning/checking new cloud syncing defect high
#5856 AGOS: Simon 2 Hebrew - Pirate Dialogue Freezes new original bluegr defect normal
#6203 WME: Dirty Split - Dialog coming out of wrong character new original lolbot-iichan defect normal
#6609 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Inventory messed up in FACE scene when using in-game menus new original DrMcCoy defect normal
#7140 SCI: QFG3 - Incorrect Keyboard Movement new pathfinding defect normal
#7146 MOHAWK: Riven's movies don't quite match the still scenes in terms of color. new original defect normal
#7155 SCI: Differences in the pathfinding algorithm new pathfinding has-pull-request defect normal
#7180 TOUCHE: Incorrect position of main character animation new original defect normal
#9589 SCI: SQ6: Pathfinding failure allows clipping through scenery new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#9749 SCI: SQ6: Shuttle Bay Entrance bug new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#9787 SCI: KQ7: Rosella walks through walls new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#9818 SCI: Torin: ASTHENIA path finding issues new sci32, pathfinding defect normal
#10546 BACKENDS: Android - Destruction Derby not completable in Full Throttle new Android, controls, minigame, keymapper defect normal
#10574 MOHAWK: MYST ME: Held pages look off in a few ages new original defect normal
#10728 MOHAWK: MYST: ES: Marker instructions wrong new original defect normal
#10821 ZVISION: ZGI - Getting stuck after knocking at door (location 'qe1e') & after freeing Jack (location 'ej3x') new ZGI GOG getting_stuck defect normal
#11181 ZVISION Audio is clipping new zork zvision audio clipping defect normal
#11274 SCI: LSL7: Cannot input regional Polish characters, thus cannot finish the game new "Other" input sev- defect normal
#11295 BLADERUNNER: save games may not work on macOS Catalina new saving fails, macOS Catalina defect normal
#11344 BLADERUNNER: In Act 4 police officers may run to flee waypoints and clip into scenery new flee, waypoint, pathfinding defect normal
#11355 PARALLACTION: Nippon Safes (Amiga/DOS) - intro reset new bug loop prison entrance intro defect normal
#11360 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD) - scrolling should be smooth (also a special cursor while loading data) new monkey island, scrolling, cursor, segacd, mi1 defect normal
#11367 WEB: I18N and punctuation improvements pending web, I18N, internacionalization, translation IlDucci feature request normal
#11427 BACKENDS: MACOSX - Multiple games crash or have other errors if the user doesn't allow ScummVM access to the Documents folder new saving, platform dependant I/O access defect normal
#11428 macOS: Change default savegame location for macOS new saving feature request normal
#11439 SCI: Add support for Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and Munt Support new King's Quest 4 Amiga sounds and Munt Support feature request normal
#11745 GUI: THEME: Some tabs and selectors have hidden options in low resolution mode new obscured, hidden, inaccessible, layout defect normal
#12251 SCUMM/HE: Missing visual effects on Spy Fox in Cheese Chase new missing graphics effects SpyFox Cheese Chase defect normal
#12925 AGS: Time Gentlemen, Please visual differences with standalone version in early game new rain, screen shake, differences defect normal
#12935 BURIED: Windows hotkeys are used on macOS new buried-win macOS defect normal
#12984 SCUMM: LOOM: Mac version font centering is inaccurate new scumm, loom, macintosh, mac defect normal
#13030 Option to Disable Status Window new Status-window feature request normal
#13074 PRINCE: Timing issue / Scene skipping new Galador, Text skip, unwinnable mini game, Prince and the Coward defect normal
#13165 SCI: QFG1-JP crash on long messages with Japanese subtitles new original defect normal
#13241 GUI: Interface requires improvements for small resolutions. new Interface, small screens, blurred letters, abbreviation, language, error, adaptation, scroll bar defect normal
#13260 Support the composite palette for PC Engine new PC-Engine, palette feature request normal
#13261 SCUMM: Scrolling scenes show at a larger width than on DOS new PC-Engine defect normal
#13317 Update aspect ratio for new iPad Mini 6 2021 new aspect ratio ipad mini 2021 feature request normal
#13355 Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI new Screenshots, Mouse, Mouse Capture, Paths, GUI, Options, Settings feature request normal
#13364 FluidSynth: If audio preferred device is set to default, it auto sets to FluidSynth in next startup new music_driver, FluidSynth, Settings, GUI, Start Up defect normal
#13366 SCUMM: Loom (EGA) - Path finding or overlay issue at Dragon's caves pending pathfinding, overlay athrxx defect normal
#13389 DRAGONS: Rendering is excessively slow on older devices new slow rendering,performance defect normal
#13400 SCUMM: Zak - Pressing Esc at the right time lets you steal anything at Lou's Loans new skipping script feature request normal
#13472 HYPNO: Some of the hotkeys detailed in the manual do not work yet with ScummVM new hotkeys, main menu neuromancer defect normal
#13480 AGS: Support existing (Spanish) Fan Translations for AGDI (KQ2/KQ3/AlEmmo) and Infamous (SQ2) new Translations, AGS, King Quest, Al Emmo, Space Quest feature request normal
#13544 TOON: Flux does not stop dancing when used on Cabinet new animation, Flux, cabinet defect normal
#13603 BASE: Detection: Engine (groovie, plumbers) plugins produce crash on adding and start of games new Big Endian, PPC, plugins, add games, groovie, plumbers defect normal
#13641 BACKENDS: Wii - MYST3: NEW GAME CRASHES new Myst, Wii, Sprint, Myst 3 defect normal
#13648 SCUMM/HE: Fix script to allow taking Mr. Baldini's picture new original feature request normal
#13660 WII: BLADERUNNER: Blade Runner crashes in chinatown or soon after that new Wii, crash, chinatown defect normal
#13675 TWINE: Sometimes twinsen get's stuck in in a loop of throwing the magic ball new input defect normal
#13699 SCUMM/HE: PUTTRACE Add an enhancement to make Ralphie's barking trigger sooner during the digging minigame new original feature request normal
#13749 GUI: ScummVM GUI Forced Into Compact Mode On Exit Of Certain Games new GUI Resizing Compact Mode defect normal
#13804 SCI: LSL6: Larry can walk out of bounds in locker room new pathfinding defect normal
#13904 BACKENDS: Can't change language / manage savegames on SteamDeck new savegame, settings defect normal
#13993 TINYGL: glPolygonStipple is not implemented in TinyGL new tinygl feature request normal
#13995 Feature request: options could show *which* <default> is actually chosen for given game new default,global,setting feature request normal
#14000 Add Build for Windows on ARM64 new Windows ARM Release feature request normal
#14336 TETRAEDGE: Dialog text color not readable on TinyGL new tinygl defect normal
#14371 LAN: Server's IP interface is sometimes from a virtual adapter new LAN, IP interface defect normal
#14407 3DS: make use of linear heap to make resource-intensive games playable new 3ds nintendo stream memory texture tinygl freescape grim myst3 stark tetraedge wintermute feature request normal
#14424 SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Items in the Chinese version cannot be used new Chinese, interactivity, inventory defect normal
#14443 SCUMM: Loom (EGA) - Bobbin (as Bobbin) can enter the Forge gate before it's closed and glitches with the background new Forge, Blacksmiths, pathfinding defect normal
#14529 SCUMM/HE: FBEAR: Fatty Bear's teeth are green (Original bug) new original defect normal
#14530 BACKENDS: SDL2: Regression with software mode new window/fullscreen switch, launcher, SDL2 , regression defect normal
#14574 GOB: Excessive blitting drags performance down pending gobliiins, performance sdelamarre defect normal
#14789 Win64 - ini file got reset shortly after using v2.8.0 new ini defect normal
#14813 PINK: Broken cyrillic symbols in both pink panther games new Text, Symbols, Encoding defect normal
#14883 ANDROID: Cursor position is not adjusted when virtual keyboard is shown/hidden new orientation, virtual keyboard, toggle, pointer position defect normal
#14891 BACKENDS: MIYOO: ScummVM not working well on Miyoo Mini Plus new Miyoo, Miyoo Mini defect normal
#14922 Schizm single 2 sided DVD Side 1 new Single 2 sided DVD side 1 (also tried one folder deeper) elasota defect normal
#14961 TINYGL: glScissor is not implemented in TinyGL new tinygl feature request normal
#4129 SCUMM: MI2 (Original bug): Waterfall sound breaks up new original defect low
#6674 SWORD1: Minor graphical glitch when knocked down by Goat new original defect low
#6721 WME: The Kite - Overlapping bug new original lolbot-iichan defect low
#6953 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Can't select Fingus or Winkle when you click on stairs!!! new original DrMcCoy defect low
#6970 ACCESS: AMAZON - Climb up/down animation breaks after one animation new original defect low
#9846 SCI: PQ4: Can't leave morgue by clicking on car new sci32 original defect low
#9852 SCI: PQ4: Repeated speech outside of morgue new sci32, pathfinding defect low
#10578 MOHAWK: MYST: Matches and Held pages new original defect low
#10779 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Baba's pestle hovers above mortar new SCI32 original defect low
#10785 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Berries item, icon color is wrong new SCI32 original defect low
#10786 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Note 'left on chest' appears on the floor new SCI32 original defect low
#11287 WME: Some games are using same fonts for selected and normal text new original defect low
#12604 AGS: Maniac Mansion Mania (MMM) series keyboard shortcuts issues new original defect low
#12674 CGE: Soltys demos are missing new demo missing defect low
#13125 GRIM: Grim Fandango: opengl dialog transcript text errors new grim, opengl, linux, dialog, transcript, 2.5.0 defect low
#13127 GRIM: Grim Fandango - change default controller keys new grim, linux, controller, joystick, keymap, 2.5.0 feature request low
#13148 GRIM: Grim Fandango _ after end game credits cannot exit the game new grim, ending, credits, 2.5.0 defect low
#13677 TWINE: pressing enter to choose an item in the inventory also recenters the camera new input defect low
#13977 AGS: Saving while a text field is visible can result in the savegame name being typed in-game [original bug] new shivahkosher original defect low
#14022 MTROPOLIS: Obsidian music, transitions, and exiting new Music, Transitions, Exiting defect low
#14258 AGS: Dreams in the Witch House: character briefly appearing after logo new Dreams in the Witch House defect low
#14768 SCI: SQ1: Sound Cuts Off in Star Generator Room on Deltaur new original SQ1 SCI, Star Generator, sound defect low
#14873 AGS: Save games are always ordered by saveslot instead of last save date new Heroine's Quest, save order defect low
#14912 SCI: QFG4: Burgomeister Doesn't Always Close Window at Sunset new Burgomeister, window, sunset defect low
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