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BURIED: Windows hotkeys are used on macOS

Reported by: Thunderforge Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Buried
Version: Keywords: buried-win macOS
Cc: Game: Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time


According to the manual, the following hotkey commands are available:

  • Save
    • PC: CTRL + S
    • Macintosh: Command + S
  • Restore
    • PC: CTRL + O
    • Macintosh: Command + O
  • Pause (currently broken, see #12934)
    • PC: CTRL + P
    • Macintosh: Command + P
  • End Game
    • PC: CTRL + Q
    • Macintosh: Command + Q
  • Biochip Quick Access
    • PC: CTRL + 1st letter of biochip name
    • Macintosh: Command + 1st letter of biochip name
  • Quick Mode
    • PC: CTRL + walk forward or turn
    • Macintosh: Command + walk forward or turn


When running ScummVM on macOS (and older Mac operating systems), the Macintosh hotkeys will be used. For instance, saving can be done by pressing Command + S.


When running ScummVM on macOS, the Windows hotkeys are used. For instance, saving requires pressing Control + S.


  • ScummVM 2.3.0pre 2021-09-15
  • macOS 11.5.2
  • The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time
    • v1.00 24BPP/Windows/English (CD release)
    • v1.1 24BPP/Windows/English (GOG release)

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comment:1 by jamie-marchant, 2 years ago

Hmm... there is the question of what to do on Linux. Linux of course runs on Mac, what would make the most sense is to honor both keyboard shortcuts on all platforms. The Windows Key(sometimes called "Super") seems to produce the same keycodes as Command. (at least this used to be the case, I have no new Mac keyboards or new Macs to test on).

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