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BACKENDS: Can't change language / manage savegames on SteamDeck

Reported by: moisesbelda Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Port: Linux
Version: Keywords: savegame, settings
Cc: moisesbelda Game: Discworld


Scumm version : 2.6.0
Game : Discworld
Plattform : Linux (Steam OS - Steam Deck).

Steam deck launches the games using the following command:
/bin"flatpak" run org.scummvm.ScummVm --path="/run/media/mmcblk01/Emulation/roms/scummvm/discworld.scummvm" --auto-detect

The problem is with this games that you have to select language and manage savegames through the game own system . DiscWorld is one of the impacted ones, it doesn't have a way to save the game through scummvm modal window, but I think that broken sword as well.

Reproduction steps:

  • Launch the game through .scummvm file, instead of from scummvm manager:/bin"flatpak" run org.scummvm.ScummVm --path="/run/media/mmcblk01/Emulation/roms/scummvm/discworld.scummvm" --auto-detect
  • Start game, and access to configuration, using key 1.
  • Configure your desired language, and save game. If you go to load the game, your saved game is there.
  • Shutdown scummvm. Start again through same command as before.


  • The game is not configured in the language selected before.
  • There are no savegames to load.

If you execute scummvm manager directly, and start the game from the list, everything works fine.

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Summary: SummvmBACKENDS: Can't change language / manage savegames on SteamDeck
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