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TWINE: Sometimes twinsen get's stuck in in a loop of throwing the magic ball

Reported by: mgerhardy Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: TwinE
Version: Keywords: input
Cc: Game: Little Big Adventure


(hard to reproduce, happened three times during the playthrough for me) only thing that helps breaking out of it is going into the ingame menu.

This happens if you e.g. open the debug console as ctrl is pressed there, too.

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comment:1 by vvs-, 20 months ago

AFAIK, that happened to me when Alt release event get lost.

comment:2 by mgerhardy, 20 months ago

when you have the magicball (and the throw action is bound to alt) - and you open the debugger with ctrl+alt+d - the game gets the alt press event - and starts to throw the magicball. you now leave the debugger - and the alt release event was eaten in the meanwhile. the game never gets the up event - so you have to press alt again to stop throwing. This might be related to the issue the user reported - but as the user mentioned that only the main menu helped, it also might not be related - just the same symptom.

comment:3 by mgerhardy, 20 months ago

Keywords: input added

comment:4 by mgerhardy, 17 months ago

796f54ff895a308220b2b6162ab9d742274cf1c5 fixes the mentioned debug console issue.

comment:5 by antoniou79, 2 months ago

This issue has happened a few times during my today's play session with 2.9.0git (local build from current master HEAD) on Windows 10.

It was unrelated to opening the debug console.

I was keeping Alt down to make Twinsen spam his magic ball attack, and he kept doing it non-stop after the enemy had died and I let go of the Alt key.

Changing Twinsen's mood with "Ctrl" key did work to stop Twinsen's stuck ball throwing loop.

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