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Feature request: options could show *which* <default> is actually chosen for given game

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I don't know if I'm alone with this feeling but I find it very hard to determine what renderer/scaler/audio engine/emulation etc is a particular game actually using.

Firstly, I can override the audio to MT-32 globally. But what if a game doesn't support MT-32? I presume it turns into its own <default> however I can't know that because there is absolutely no indication (not even in the log) that the game switched to/kept in some other mode.

And secondly, even if do override the setting, I still don't know which of the settings is <default> for the given game. The only way I know is to try all of them and see what changed (usually nothing as there isn't a game which supports all audio/video options).

As a bonus one, I'd love to have only *usable* options available, for instance if Hercules/EGA/CGA is not supported by given game, why show it there?

So, ideally, the combo box would look like this:

VGA (default) <--- set by default (can be shaded out if the override checkbox is not checked but it would mean that if the global setting is n/a, this one will be used)
EGA <--- shown because it is supported
CGA <--- ditto
(nothing else here)

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