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AGOS: Simon 2 Hebrew - Pirate Dialogue Freezes

Reported by: SF/ingsoc85 Owned by: bluegr
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGOS
Version: Keywords: original
Cc: Game: Simon the Sorcerer 2


When Simon attempt to leave the holding cell on the pirate ship the game freezes for a few minutes.

I'm playing the English talkie version with Hebrew subtitles with run on Dos, the ScummVM version is the latest.

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Save game at the point it's freezes
simon2.md5 (2.6 KB ) - added by SF/ingsoc85 13 years ago.
Simon 2 datafiles list

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by SF/ingsoc85, 13 years ago

Attachment: simon2.005 added

Save game at the point it's freezes

comment:1 by digitall, 13 years ago

Summary: Simon 2 freezesAGOS: Simon 2 - Freeze Leaving Pirate Holding Cell

comment:2 by digitall, 13 years ago

Keywords: script added

comment:3 by digitall, 13 years ago

ingsoc85: Thank you for the bug report, but we will need some more details to investigate this: 1. Could you please list the exact version of ScummVM you are using and your Operating System i.e ScummVM v1.2.1 on Linux x86_32 2. Could you attach a filelist of your Simon 2 datafiles with MD5sums to allow us to check the exact version that you have. The output of a tool such as or similar is optimal. 3. Could you confirm if this is a fan translation of the subtitles or an official release?

comment:4 by digitall, 13 years ago

Oh, if you could also try testing this with the latest nightly development build to check that the bug still exists, that would also be optimal:

by SF/ingsoc85, 13 years ago

Attachment: simon2.md5 added

Simon 2 datafiles list

comment:5 by SF/ingsoc85, 13 years ago

1. ScummVM v. 1.3.1 on Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

2. I've attached the file.

3, It's an official release, whats more I remember playing the game on my 486 (back in the day) and its worked without the bug.

I've try it with the daily build and the bug still exist.

comment:6 by digitall, 13 years ago

ingsoc85: Thank you for this information. I will try and replicate this issue with my Simon 2 English Talkie...

Two more things you could do to help investigation: 1. With daily builds, the console (DOS type window) should be visible by default. Could you confirm that during this freeze that no messages printed there are associated? 2. From a Command Prompt, run "scummvm -d 0" and "scummvm -d 1" and replicate the bug (-d option enables debug mode and sets a level of debug output) If you could attach the last few debug outputs associated with the bug, this may help localise the cause? 3. Could you try to replicate this with the original interpreter under DOSBox? You will need to take use a CD image (bin/cue) of your original CDs so that the CDDA tracks are supported with this.

comment:7 by digitall, 13 years ago

Tried to replicate by loading your savegame. This loads fine and I assume that by "leaving the holding cell", you mean using the stairs at the back left of the screen. This triggers the Pirate Captain to descend the stairs and have a conversation with Simon, but with no obvious delay on my version.

This will probably need one of the AGOS devs to get the same Hebrew version as you in order to investigate and fix....

comment:8 by SF/ingsoc85, 13 years ago

1. Yes, no messages in the console.

2. No relevant messages in this mode also.

3. The problem also appear on Dosbox... Would that suggest that the problem is with the Hebrew version rather than a ScummVM bug?

Anyway, I uploaded a recording of the bug from the game. The specific freeze happens during the conversation in the cut scene after Simon try to walk up the stairs.

Thanks for all your help!

comment:9 by digitall, 13 years ago

Keywords: original added; script removed

comment:10 by digitall, 13 years ago

Since the issue also appears under DOSBox, this does indicate that the issue is in the data files for this version. Could you recopy the data from your CDs and confirm that this is not a bad copy from the CDs?

If not, then please can you describe your version including the media ID of your version? This is marked around the central ring of the CD media and will include a number, usually of the form CDDXXXX.

comment:11 by digitall, 13 years ago

Owner: set to Kirben

comment:12 by digitall, 13 years ago

Ah. I had not realised until I watched your youtube video, that your description of this bug is slightly inaccurate. The long pause does not occur unto 3:40 into the video during the middle of the dialog with the pirate captain. It occurs after the line "Just to recap, at 5 past three, you shall all walk the plank into the dolphin infested waters, and be lead to your deaths"...Then there is a "pause" of ~2m52s before the dialogue continues.

I can still confirm that this is not observed on the English Talkie version.

Can you report what behaviour is observed with just Subtitles, and with just Speech? You can set this in the GUI->Options->Audio Tab on the Launcher.

comment:13 by SF/ingsoc85, 13 years ago

When I run the game with just speech and just subtitles the scene run smoothly, the bug seem to appear only when both speech and subtitles are on at the same time.

The media ID is CDD10017.

comment:14 by digitall, 13 years ago

ingsoc85: Thank you for providing this information to help investigate this issue. This may now take a little time for an AGOS engine developer with this version to look at the cause of this and whether we can implement a workaround. Please stand by...

comment:15 by digitall, 13 years ago

Owner: Kirben removed
Summary: AGOS: Simon 2 - Freeze Leaving Pirate Holding CellAGOS: Simon 2 Hebrew - Pirate Dialogue Freezes

comment:16 by bluegr, 20 months ago

Owner: set to bluegr
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:17 by dwatteau, 17 months ago


FWIW, this fix appears to have caused a character animation regression, see #13997.

comment:18 by dwatteau, 10 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closednew

Reopening this ticket, since GitHub PR 4303 above introduced various character animation regressions which are described in Trac ticket #13997, so the PR had to be reverted (as discussed with sev).

(That ticket also contains various explanations from BLooperZ about the underlying issues.)

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