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TOON: Flux does not stop dancing when used on Cabinet

Reported by: antoniou79 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Toon
Version: Keywords: animation, Flux, cabinet
Cc: Game: Toonstruck


This is with a current development build of 2.6.0git (Master HEAD) on Windows 10 x64. Tested on the full English version of the game from GOG.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start a new game
  • Go down the stairs, pick Flux (click on Flux)
  • Use Flux on the Cabinet
  • At the end of the short conversation with Drew, Flux will start dancing to a short SFX clip

What happens:

  • Flux keeps dancing after the SFX clip is over. The game is not frozen but it's just that this should not happen. (At one time, I did get a situation that I could only get out of by loading another game though (via ScummVM GMM) -- whereby the cursor became an arrow while Flux was dancing, and nothing was interactable anymore, and hotkeys (F1, F5, F6) would not work).

What is expected:

  • Flux should go back to idle animation after the SFX clip is over (original behavior, checked with DosBox)

Note 1: This conversation and the resulting dancing Flux happens only the first time Flux is "used" on the cabinet.
Note 2: It seems to me that some script command that is supposed to stop Flux's special dancing animation is not handled, but I cannot be sure.

If it helps anyone who looks deeper into this, here are my findings so far:

  • Flux's character _id is 1
  • His dancing animation special id (_animSpecialId) is 38, the animation file name (animNameStr) is "FXVRA_4.CAF"
  • The SFX playing while he dances is started within a sys_Cmd_Play_Sfx_Plus() call by command that evaluates to:playSFX(4, 255, false)

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