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Win64 - ini file got reset shortly after using v2.8.0

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I've never experienced anything like this in ScummVM - merely hours after trying the new version the INI file (used in ScummVM's folder itself) got reset as if installing ScummVM from scratch. That is, starting ScummVM launched it with an empty list of games and in a wrong language. I've exited it and checked the INI file to find just a couple of basic lines. I wasn't even in the folder so it's unlikely I've accidentally deleted it.

I can't reproduce it since I don't know how it happened. If I didn't have a backup (not recent, but better than nothing) I would have had to re-locate all games and modify various settings.

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 4 months ago

Can you recall anything out of the normal about the ScummVM session before the INI file was reset?

Like, did you have to force-kill ScummVM from the task manager for some reason? Or did you run a ScummVM game that crashed? Was there an abrupt forced reboot or shutdown?

Also, what was the last game you ran before the reset of the INI file?

comment:2 by lwcorp, 4 months ago

No force kill, no task manager, no crash, reboot or shutdown.
Just casually started ScummVM to get a clean state (after opening it earlier).
Also not sure what was the last game, maybe Lost Secret of the Rainforest.

comment:3 by antoniou79, 4 months ago

Is this on Windows 11?

Personally, I have not tested ScummVM much on Windows 11, but I haven't had any random loss of the scummvm.ini on Windows 10.

We've had reports of this happening on iOS (this was a while ago, maybe it's been fixed) and maybe Android, related to force-closing the app, but I can't remember any instances of it for Windows (other than the current ticket obviously).

Edit: I'm also not typically testing for the case of scummvm's ini file being a local one, within the scummvm folder; the issue could be connected to this specific use case.

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comment:4 by lwcorp, 4 months ago

No, Windows 10.

comment:5 by AndywinXp, 4 months ago

I also had this issue a while back on Windows 10, while developing 🙂 we should attempt to pursue a path in which we maybe use a tmp file which gets synced with an atomic paradigm, otherwise this class of issues are likely to persist

comment:6 by antoniou79, 4 months ago

Summary: Win64 - ini file got shortly after using v2.8.0Win64 - ini file got reset shortly after using v2.8.0

comment:7 by criezy, 4 months ago

Also related to bug #14623

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