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BLADERUNNER: save games may not work on macOS Catalina

Reported by: antoniou79 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Bladerunner
Version: Keywords: saving fails, macOS Catalina
Cc: antoniou79 Game: Blade Runner


Users on GOG forum have reported potential issues with the save system.
Saving may fail with no error message.

The solution seems to be a reboot or explicitly allowing the OS write permissions for the documents (?) folder.

Quote from forum post:
"Nothing happens when I try to save a game, doesn't show up in the save games list. I was able to continue playing and there were no error messages or crashes. It was so innocuous I actually thought it had worked. I only noticed when I quit and tried to resume my saved game that it wasn't there. I subsequently tried to save a game and realised it wasn't ever being created."

At the very least, we should inform the player if the save attempt has failed.

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comment:1 by Thunderforge, 3 years ago

#11427 also reports this issue for a wide variety of games on macOS, sometimes with nothing more than save games failing silently (as happens here) and sometimes with greater problems including ScummVM crashes.

comment:2 by criezy, 3 years ago

I have two notes there related to running the Bladerunner GOG application on macOS Catalina:

  • The GOG application is a launcher that then start ScummVM. This is an issue because macOS tries to track the user-facing process (the application that the user started) when a process tries to access the Documents folder to prompt the user about authorising access to it for the process. In this particular case when ScummVM tries to access the Documents folder, macOS fails to track the user-facing process (the GOG launcher executable) and as a result doesn't prompt the user to authorise access. This issue does not happen when the user runs ScummVM directly.
  • When the user does not authorise access to the Documents folder, saving savegames works anyway. However listing and loading savegames does not work. This means that the user can find his savegames later on if he then authorises access to the Documents folder for ScummVM (or change the savepath in the ScummVM.ini file in the GOG Bladerunner app bundle and then copies manually the savesgames to the new location).

I suspect this last point is also valid for ScummVM in general and not just the Bladerunner GOG app, but I have not checked that yet.

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