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#11274 SCI: Cannot input regional Polish characters, thus cannot finish the game new "Other" input sev- defect normal
#12598 GRIM: Grim Fandango crashes after displaying on 3DS new 3ds n3ds grim fandango crash grime defect normal
#12597 3DS, MOHAWK: Checkerboard pattern on lower screen in non-video scenes new 3ds, n3ds, mohawk, riven defect low
#13067 PORTS: ANDROID: Crash in startup (or drop 4.1.x support) new 4.1.x, compatibility, crash, startup, defect normal
#11502 GROOVIE: Support for the 25th Anniverary 7th Guest edtition (multi-lingual) new 7th guest 25th anniversary defect normal
#11753 BACKENDS: ANDROID (10+ / API 29+) - external storage is no longer browsable new API 29, Android 10, Android 11, File access, External Storage, Scoped Storage defect high
#13057 PORTS: ANDROID: Android load game screen distorted while downloading from Cloud new Android, GUI defect low
#12727 ANDROID: Allow Save location in SDcard (Write permission on SD) new Android, SDCard, Write permission, Savegames, Saves, Overwrite defect normal
#10546 BACKENDS: Android - Destruction Derby not completable in Full Throttle new Android, controls, minigame, keymapper defect normal
#11724 SWORD25: Slow video and out of synch audio on old Android devices new Android, out of synch, slow, video, theora defect low
#13603 BASE: Detection: Engine (groovie, plumbers) plugins produce crash on adding and start of games new Big Endian, PPC, plugins, add games, groovie, plumbers defect normal
#11376 BLADERUNNER: freezing on ScummVM Wii 2.1.1 new Blade Runner, Wii, freeze defect normal
#10803 AGOS: SIMON2: Subtitle support is missing. Amiga and Mac CDs new CD32 foreign subtitles defect normal
#13239 ScummVM Classic Theme: Translation into other languages. new Classic theme, translation, languages, update feature request normal
#10500 BACKENDS: iOS - Could not initialize color format (Broken Sword 2.5) new Could not initialize color format Unsupported color mode defect normal
#12778 Crusader: No Remorse - Num Pad Keys do not change with capslock new Crusader; Numeric; Keypad feature request low
#13462 SCUMM v7-8: DiMUSE: Large audio lag in 2.6git compared to 2.5.1 new Dimuse defect normal
#12821 Blue and Red pages dropping whenever mouse clicked in Myst new Dropping Pages without being asked in Myst patch normal
#11369 GNAP: Can't move car new GNAP, Android defect normal
#13749 ScummVM GUI Forced Into Compact Mode On Exit Of Certain Games new GUI Resizing Compact Mode defect normal
#13074 PRINCE: Timing issue / Scene skipping new Galador, Text skip, unwinnable mini game, Prince and the Coward defect normal
#13174 HDB: Hyperspace Delivery Boy - Crash with ScummVM 2.5.0 on Windows 11 22000.376 new Hyperspace Delivery Boy defect normal
#13241 GUI: Interface requires improvements for small resolutions. new Interface, small screens, blurred letters, abbreviation, language, error, adaptation, scroll bar defect normal
#13714 iOS Issue “Could not initialize color format.” On starting The 11th Hour new Ios defect normal
#12071 SCI: KQ4 SCI version 1.000.111 - MT-32 plays back some improper instruments new KQ4, SCI, MT32, music defect normal
#11439 SCI: Add support for Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and Munt Support new King's Quest 4 Amiga sounds and Munt Support feature request normal
#13022 SCUMM: Loom CD Talkie starts with subtitles disabled new LOOM, CD, Talkie, Subtitles defect normal
#11940 Add both Traditional and Simplified Chinese support for Escape From Monkey Island. new Localization feature request normal
#11941 Add Traditional Chinese support for Beneath a Steel Sky. new Localization feature request normal
#13014 SCUMM: Monkey Island EGA: MT32 episode presentation music loops where it shouldn't new MT32, music, loop, monkey, ega defect normal
#13436 AGS: Maniac Mansion Deluxe (AGS) Excessive movement on iOS new Maniac Mansion Deluxe, AGS, iOS defect normal
#13107 SCUMM: MM (NES-EU-ES) - Last letters retained in screen/missing letters new Maniac Mansion NES, Text artifacts, Clear screen, Letters defect normal
#13482 DIRECTOR: Improve "Maniac Sport" detection new Manias Mansion Deluxe, AGS, Detection, defect normal
#13469 Mod (Modifications) Support new Mods, Feature Request, Translations feature request low
#10696 SCUMM: MI1 (EGA) - CMS music has problems pending Monkey Island, EGA, Music, CMS antoniou79 defect normal
#13467 Built in Point & Click Support for GRIM Games new Mouse Controls, EMI, Mod feature request normal
#12044 MOHAWK: Myst: Impossible to show the map in the GOG Polish version of Myst new Myst bitmap defect normal
#13641 MYST3: NEW GAME CRASHES ON WII new Myst, Wii, Sprint, Myst 3 defect normal
#13429 OpengGL with Shaders over OGLES2 cause visuall trash when we spawn a GUI of Launcher. new OpenGL ES, graphics, GUI, Launcher, AmigaOS4 defect normal
#12594 AGS: Heroine's Quest is using strange keyboard layout for Russian language input new Original defect low
#13261 SCUMM: Scrolling scenes show at a larger width than on DOS new PC-Engine defect normal
#13260 Support the composite palette for PC Engine new PC-Engine, palette feature request normal
#13229 PSP: PS Vita Ultima 8: controls don´t work at all new PS Vita Ultima 8 defect normal
#12818 COMPOSER: Magic Tales: The Princess and the Crab regression new Regression defect normal
#11913 MOHAWK: MYST: Include the Rime Age from the PSP port of Myst new Rime Age, Myst Rime feature request normal
#10779 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Baba's pestle hovers above mortar new SCI32 original defect low
#10784 SCI: QFG4 (CD) - Berries item, desc knows bush's name before hero does new SCI32 original defect low
#10785 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Berries item, icon color is wrong new SCI32 original defect low
#10786 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Note 'left on chest' appears on the floor new SCI32 original defect low
#13634 Space Quest I VGA remake - Patched to Version 2.1 new SQ1VGA/SCI/DOS English patch normal
#13355 Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI new Screenshots, Mouse, Mouse Capture, Paths, GUI, Options, Settings feature request normal
#13545 Many games are not listed in series group new Series defect normal
#10872 AGI: SQ1 - version 1.0x - game hangs just before Skimmer (Kerona desert) arcade starts new Skimmer hangs 1.0x defect normal
#11558 TITANIC: Missing QSound Positional Audio new Starship Titanic defect normal
#13030 Option to Disable Status Window new Status-window feature request normal
#13187 AGS: Lancelot's Hangover - No text in speech bubbles new Steam, Lancelot's Hangover, fonts, text, dialogue, missing defect normal
#13240 Improvement of subtitle visualization. new Subtitle, visualization, small screens, option feature request normal
#12008 SWORDDEMO: Missing Demo subtitles new Sword1, demo, Spanish feature request low
#12007 SWORD2DEMO: Missing songs in Spanish Windows demo? new Sword2, demo, Spanish defect low
#12703 Unknown game variant for tony (Spanish Translation not detected) new Tony Spanish Translation feature request normal
#13480 AGD: Support existing (Spanish) Fan Translations for AGD (KQ2/KQ3/AlEmmo) and Infamous (SQ2) new Translations, AGS, King Quest, Al Emmo, Space Quest defect normal
#12182 ULTIMA8: Trolls do not drop items new Troll money coins drop defect normal
#11487 ULTIMA 6: German patch version is not in German language new Ultima defect normal
#12302 ULTIMA4: Moongate remains on screen new Ultima IV moongate defect low
#12304 ULTIMA4: 2nd combat instance applies Quickness to all party members new Ultima IV quickness combat second dreammaster defect low
#12480 ULTIMA4:: sound FX loops new Ultima IV sound loop defect low
#12481 ULTIMA4: Text Colorization does not work new Ultima IV text colorization defect low
#11949 ULTIMA: Missing/incorrect graphics in the main menu new Ultima IV, Graphics defect normal
#12536 ULTIMA6: "new" style is unstable new Ultima VI; crash; cast spell defect normal
#12534 ULTIMA6: Throwing items do not auto-ready new Ultima VI; throwing weapons defect normal
#12098 ULTIMA VIII: Keymapping for left-click does not function with books new Ultima VIII left-click defect low
#13660 WII: BLADERUNNER: Blade Runner crashes in chinatown or soon after that new Wii, crash, chinatown defect normal
#10821 ZVISION: ZGI - Getting stuck after knocking at door (location 'qe1e') & after freeing Jack (location 'ej3x') new ZGI GOG getting_stuck defect normal
#13412 AGS: Zniw Adventure issues and crash (segmentation fault) new Zniw Adventure, fonts, crash defect normal
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new Zork, Grand Inquisitor, Music defect high
#12946 GUI: Achievements do not take full width of screen new achievements defect normal
#13460 SCUMM: DOTT: Incorrect MIDI pitch bending new adlib defect normal
#12767 AGS: Blackwell Convergence: Gothic Bridge BGM does not start pending ags, music, bw3 dreammaster defect normal
#11972 TINSEL: immediate SIGBUS on strict-alignment architectures new alignment,strict-alignment,sigbus defect normal
#11711 BACKENDS: Android (Amazon Fire HD8/2020) - Touchpad mode issue ("mouse mode" not working, stuck in "direct mode") new amazon fire hd 8 touchpad mode defect normal
#11461 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 (Amiga) - Catacombs (Act 3) is not dark anymore after loading a save game new amiga defect normal
#12316 Configurable quick buttons for the Android and IOS ports new android feature request low
#12800 Add option to pass parameters to SCUMMVM on Android new android feature request normal
#12532 PORTS: ANDROID: Mouse Cursor Snaps to Top Left Corner on Android 8.1.0 Device new android touch mouse cursor snap top left defect normal
#11932 Android TV support new androidtv feature request normal
#13544 TOON: Flux does not stop dancing when used on Cabinet new animation, Flux, cabinet defect normal
#11075 BACKENDS: Get rid of the hideous and slow stretch200To240 function for surface SDL backend new aspect correction SDL feature request normal
#11076 BACKENDS: SDL1/2 - Aspect ratio correction doesn't work in Dreamweb new aspect correction SDL defect normal
#13317 Update aspect ratio for new iPad Mini 6 2021 new aspect ratio ipad mini 2021 feature request normal
#10309 SHERLOCK: MIDI - Broken (in-program) sound driver handling new audio defect normal
#10348 SHERLOCK: Music setting by in-game option is not respected new audio defect normal
#11405 BACKENDS: RPi 3/4 - PulseAudio hoarse sound on any game new audio defect normal
#13117 GRIM: DiMUSE: Lighthouse music not played correctly new audio defect normal
#13663 HYPNO: Slow frame rate, navigation issue and frequent sound pops new audio, pops, frame rate neuromancer defect normal
#1946 SCUMM: Adlib Emulation doesn't Respect Volume Settings new audio, reproducible, AdLib defect low
#13417 AGS: Can't start a games on BIG-Endian/AmigaOS4 : Unalbe to load the room file 'room74.crm'. new big endian, BE, AGS defect high
#13169 MYST3: missing scene transition effect on PowerPC (big-endian) machines on all OSes new big endian, BE, Myst3, AmigaOS defect normal
#13345 AGS: Subtitles not visible/covered up in some scenes in “The Blackwell Epiphany” new blackwell5 blackwell5gog layering dialogue subtitles defect normal
#12591 3DS, BLADERUNNER: Slightly slow video elements (cutscenes, menu animations, etc) new blade runner 3ds n3ds video cutscenes defect normal
#11355 PARALLACTION: Nippon Safes (Amiga/DOS) - intro reset new bug loop prison entrance intro defect normal
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