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ANDROID: TETRAEDGE: Crash issues with Syberia 1 and 2 games

Reported by: antoniou79 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Tetraedge
Version: Keywords: android, iOS, SAF, GLES
Cc: Game: Syberia 1


The issues are present on both ScummVM Android 2.8.0 and 2.9.0git.

Apart from the SAF file limit issue, which can be easily resolved on the user side, the crash issues are also present on the ScummVM iOS port.

And the issues affect both Syberia games (Syberia 1, Syberia 2).

A summary of the crash issues:

  • Crash at launch time because the number of data files for the game exceeds our limit currently set for SAF accessed folders (relates to cache for SAFFSNodes). On both Syberia games the user can end up with more than 20000 files in the game folder, ie. around "23702" files for Syberia 1, and "24283" for Syberia 2. However, removing the folders for all other languages that the user won't be using, can bring the file count to a number bellow our SAF limit, as a viable workaround for this.
  • Crash at launch time because Android only supports GLES and the current GL support code of the engine is not compatible. As far as I can tell, this is also an issue on the iOS port. A workaround for this is to use the sofrware rendering mode, (global options -> graphics -> 3d renderer -> software) which will get the games past launch, but it is described as potentially buggy and may lead to slow performance issues.
  • Crash ealy in-game when using the software rendering mode, immediately after ringing the bell in the first room.

Relevant discussions on Discord and forums. The info in this bug report as of yet is comprised of quotes from those discussions:
Android support channel:
iOS support channel:
ScummVM forum:

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 3 months ago

To clarify the workaround for the SAF file limit crash:
The files to be removed, to reduce the file count, are basically the language files (for the languages the user won't be using) under subpath Contents\Resources\sounds\Dialogs\PC-PS3-Android-MacOSX.

So in Syberia 1, if we keep the "en" folder and remove "de", "es", "fr", "it", "ru" reduces the count by ~12783 files.

In Syberia 2, keeping "en" folder and removing "de", "es", "fr", "it", reduces the count by ~8852 files -- this should bring them under our SAF caching limit, but I haven't tested this as of yet.

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