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SCUMM: MANIAC: Support for the V1 built in demo.

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
Version: Keywords: MANIAC DEMO
Cc: robertmegone Game: Maniac Mansion


Certain versions of Maniac Mansion(V1) for DOS, came with a built in demo alongside the full game.

It can be seen running here:

It looks like the demo was started by running a bat file containing 'maniac demo'.

I don't see a way to choose to run this demo in ScummVM, is there any chance that this option could be supported somehow?

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comment:1 by robertmegone, 11 months ago

Summary: MANIAC - Support for the V1 built in demo.SCUMM - MANIAC V1 - Support for the V1 built in demo.

comment:2 by AndywinXp, 10 months ago

Summary: SCUMM - MANIAC V1 - Support for the V1 built in demo.SCUMM: MANIAC: Support for the V1 built in demo.

I just mapped a partial disassembly of Maniac Mansion v1; it seems that in order to launch the demo it is sufficient to run script 9 instead of the bootscript (script 1).

And I discovered... we were already (kind of) doing that!
...but only if the game is recognized as the demo version:

(from runBootscript())

if ( == GID_MANIAC && (_game.features & GF_DEMO) && (_game.platform != Common::kPlatformC64))
    runScript(9, 0, 0, args);

I think that maybe we could put a checkbox in the game options for it to run on demo/kiosk mode...

comment:3 by einstein95, 10 months ago

Until it's added as an option to the GUI, what you can do is run ScummVM from the command-line with the --demo-mode option, for example scummvm.exe --demo-mode maniac-v1-dos

comment:4 by robertmegone, 10 months ago

Very interesting, I noticed that this --demo-mode flag actually seems to work for many of the ports.

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