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ANDROID: Support more virtual keyboard language layouts

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The built-in virtual keyboard used in the Android port doesn't have different layouts depending what language you need to write, so then it have missing some keys.

For example, it doesn't have key to write the "ñ" character or a way to put writen accent (á, é, í, ó, ú) for the Spanish language

Or the "ç" from Catalan or French.

For sure are many others.

Mainly that, as is impossible to write some words in those languages because they lack the proper keys.

But also could help have ways to change the layout to from QWERTY layout to QWERTZ or AZERTY, and then mimic more a normal layout of a PC keyboard (putting the F1-F12 in order in the numeric part of the keyboard, and bring CTRL and ALT to the main letters part, depending the solution that can be done).


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Summary: Virtual Keyboard Language LayoutsANDROID: Support more virtual keyboard language layouts

This is a tricky one.

I think we could improve the layout or maybe provide options for layouts, and we could support the other two popular keyboard layouts (QWERTZ, and AZERTY) someone would have to implement them because it's not something we import from Google), but that still would not be enough to cover all languages -- even popular ones like Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew etc.

I wish Google still provided this facility, with support for the special keys we use of course (F1, F2, etc., key combos like Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+Alt+D etc, arrow keys and such). Because basically now we use a depracated facility with our custom keys trying to support as many stuff as would be possible with a physical keyboard.

At one point I did test with a third party keyboard, and that worked quite ok (it also allowed to set always on-screen buttons -- I don't recall the apps name off the top of my head). But obviously we can't tell people to use a third party app if they don't want to.

Anyway, if anyone is aware of a smarter way to do this rather than implement by hand each possible layout feel free to pitch in.

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