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DIRECTOR: Alice - An Interactive Museum gameplay issues

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Game- Alice An Interactive Museum
Game Engine- Director 4
Game Version- Windows
Game Language- English
ScummVM version- 2.8.0pre (built on December 16, 2023, 11:15:53 with GCC 10.4.0)
My OS- Win 10, 64-bit

Hello. I'm trying to run Alice An Interactive Museum under SCUMMVM. I'm experiencing alot of issues initially butt I'm not sure my game files are configured correctly and there are no Installation requirements currently listed on the game's Supported Games Wiki page. Before I post a bunch of false-alarm issues in this ticket, can someone help me confirm the proper game directory file configuration...? Also, does "Setup.exe" need to be run for this game to run properly under SCUMMVM...? That's a problem on this 64-bit Windows machine but I can use PCEm to accomplish that if necessary. Thanks for any help...

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comment:1 by mystrw1, 3 months ago

I haven't receved any info on propetr game directory/file configuration, so I'll assume I hace it installed correctly and the following gameplay issues are legit...

Gameplay issues noted while playing Alice :

(NOTE: Issues noted below are from comparing SCUMMVM gameplay to DOSBox gameplay. Game room names taken from map provided in game manual.)

Intro. Still-Shot Cutscene - Background sound/music (Orchestra instruments warming/tuning) does not play during game's opening cutscene (multiple paintings slowly "materializing on easels).

After Title screen (Red door) - After opening door, you automatically enter into an (initially) empty room with a a very quicklly-dripping water leak from the ceiling. The dripping is supposed to be much slower ( 1 drip every second or so...). Also, the bookcase similarly both "appears" and then opens/closes it doors too quickly. (Some type of clocktime issue?). The accompanying audio of the water dripping and the bookcase opening/closing all match the increased timing of the animations.

General Note
1A - All Game Areas (Rooms) tested so far - Background audio played when first entering each room (Classical music...) not played/heard.

Art Gallery (Artist's room) :
2A - When you click on the glass book cabinet (Rt. rear of Gallery) to open its door, resulting graphic does not display properly (upper left quad. displays improperly).

Art Gallery (Room to the Left) :
3A - When opening the door to the left room off the Gallery, the audio (door opening sound) continuously repeats until you click the door again to enterthe new room.
3B - After clicking on "Pajama Game" record, no music played/heard once record player is fully activqated (needle placed on record...).
3C - When you click on either of the "Vogue" magazine hotspots (on the left side of the desktop or in the box/pile on the floor...), the resulting graphics background does not display properly (upper left quad. displays improperly) for the first 8 graphics.
3D - The tea cup that appears when you click on the cabinet in the lower right rear displays as translucent. It should display as a solid object.

Work Shop (accessed via Rabbit)
4A - - Some strange objrect appears in front of the plaid vest (hung on chair) when you click on the vest for a close-up view. You then need to click on this strange object to remove the pocket watch from the vest pocket and lay it on the chair seat (should be you click directly on the vest pocket to do this).
4B - When you then click on the pocket watch for a close-up view, only the moving hands of the watch are displayed properly. The body of the opened watch is not displayed as it should be.
4C - When you open the 2nd drawer of the the 3-drawer cabinet, an erroneous "water surface" continuously flashes at the upper-right of the proper cabinet drawer filled with water.
4D - When you open the yellow/green door to exit the room, the audio (door opening sound) continuously repeats until you step thru the doorway.
4E - When you click the "stage" sign in the painting, the curtains flash but do not open as they're supposed to. When you click on the flashing curtains, they then open.
4F - The tiies of the puzzle are difficult to move. If you click/drag them (correct method of moving them), they highlight but won't move. If you double-ckeck them, you can then click/drag them to position.
4G - Once the tile puzzle is completed, the door to the Darkroom does not display correctly. A 2nd doorway image appears to the upper-right of the proper Darkroom doorway (similar to the plaid vest / cabinet drawer erroneous display issues noted above...).

This is as far as I've progressed so far. Further issues will be added if/as necessazry...

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