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MTROPOLIS: Obsidian music, transitions, and exiting

Reported by: PritchardAJP Owned by:
Priority: low Component: Engine: mTropolis
Version: Keywords: Music, Transitions, Exiting
Cc: Game: Obsidian


I greatly appreciate the addition of Obsidian to SCUMMVM!

Three issues are quickly apparent:

  • On the Wiki, it says transitions can be skipped with the space bar, but this functionality did not seem to work
  • I cannot quit with the in-game exit function, and resorted to hitting Alt-F4

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comment:1 by elasota, 14 months ago

Hey, thanks for the report. I need more information about these problems, but also need to clarify some things:

Music restarting after panning in the opening scene is a bug in the game's scripting and is present in the retail release too, but it shouldn't be happening in other areas. Are you seeing it elsewhere (like in the Bureau chapter)?

Not all transitions are skippable with space bar, in particular the opening credits and chapter transition cinematics are not skippable. You should be able to skip all point-to-point cinematics within a chapter though, including the walk from the campsite to the obsidian structure. Do those work?

The quit button is supposed to go to the credits sequence and then play the "Built with mFactory" logo movie, and then quit when that finishes. (You should be able to skip the credits by pressing the space bar, and pressing space bar on the "Built with mFactory" logo should also skip that after a few seconds). What is it doing instead of that?

comment:2 by PritchardAJP, 14 months ago

Hello elasota,

Thank you kindly for the detailed response.

I have not continued to proceed, as I was irked by the restarting music. It sounds like the first two issues I listed are both limited to the first section, so I will push on and reply here only if they continue.

For the credits, I must have tried skipping with escape instead of space. Using space, it behaves as expected.

Thanks again!

comment:3 by elasota, 9 months ago

Component: AudioEngine: mTropolis

comment:4 by elasota, 9 months ago

Priority: normallow

Changing priority to "low" as these are minor and are present in the original.

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