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ANDROID: Add Chromecast support

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Following the latest update, I was hoping that ScummVM would be finally listed in the Chromecast app store, but it seems that it's not available yet.

I waited some days, hoping that it could have been some propagation issue for the store, but after more than a week it still doesn't show up.

Note that I'm using the latest Chromecast version (HD, not 4K), bought just a month ago on the official Google Store.

It is properly configured (no special custom options or hack) and updated to the latest firmware.

In case it could matter for regional/language issues, I live in Italy, and Chromecast is set to use the Italian language.

I also tried to look it up on the Google Play app on my phone, but while I can find ScummVM for that device, when I switch the device in the interface it is not listed anymore.

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 12 months ago

Summary: Chromecast supportANDROID: Chromecast support

Thank you for reporting this here, so that we can properly track it.

I don't own the device but I installed Google's emulator for Android TV on Android Studio for testing a few days ago. That one is on API 30 (Android 11).

The emulator device shows up on Google Play Store as "Google AOSP TV on X86", but in this case too ScummVM ( aka latest) is not available for installation. "This item is not compatible with your device".

I was able to directly install the APK to the emulator device and ScummVM launches properly, but there is an issue with a missing native file browser (the Google TV lacks its own file browser and there's no way of using Secure File Access for external storage to choose a game data folder.

The only practical solution for that would be to either use ScummVM's LAN to put game data folders in ScummVM's application storage space or use another app (like a browser or Google Drive) to put game data in ScummVM's external application storage space. I have not tested either of these with the emulator as of yet.

I'm unsure if it's the missing file browser thing that blocks ScummVM from showing as being supported or something else. It seems that more investigation is needed to figure this out and implement support so that Play Store won't complain.

comment:2 by sev-, 5 months ago

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comment:3 by sev-, 5 months ago

Summary: ANDROID: Chromecast supportANDROID: Add Chromecast support
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