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#11985 PETKA: ScummVM doesn't identify the retail 3 CD version of Red Comrades 1 new defect blocker
#12016 BASE: GMM features crash when using uncached plugins and dynamic detection pending ccawley2011 defect blocker
#12095 BACKENDS: ANDROID: Crash when resuming app while playing a game new crash, Android 10, resume defect blocker
#7027 ZVISION: ZGI: Mass Add picks wrong directory when adding Zork: Grand Inquisitor new defect high
#7107 TOLTECS: Wrong "Cancel" behaviour new defect high
#9669 FULLPIPE: Scenes 31/32/34 - Inconsistent character state new defect high
#9671 FULLPIPE: Assorted graphical glitches new defect high
#9713 FULLPIPE: Sprites/Animation broken (AmigaOS4) new defect high
#10329 FULLPIPE: Pathfinding loop when giving coin to ball eating creature new defect high
#10395 FULLPIPE: Stuck when teleportating to foot new defect high
#10396 FULLPIPE: Rolling bridge is a wrong state new defect high
#10934 GUI: REMASTERED THEME: 'Remove Game' dialog missing defined top edge. new defect high
#11076 BACKENDS: SDL1/2 - Aspect ratio correction doesn't work in Dreamweb new aspect correction SDL defect high
#11193 SCUMM: BF2001 - Error: (11:298:0:180) Cannot Read Resource! new Backyard Football, 2001 defect high
#11244 CLOUD: Crash when loading a save from the launcher new defect high
#11396 SWORD2: (SPANISH DEMO) Save/Load/Options UI is visually broken, soft-freeze when opening the guardhouse's trap door new Broken Sword 2, demo, Spanish sev- defect high
#11401 TOLTECS: Polish version crashes new defect high
#11438 SHERLOCK: Scalpel - Dialogue text covers interface after looking at flower girl new defect high
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new Zork, Grand Inquisitor, Music defect high
#11484 ZVISION: ZGI: Can no longer examine items pending Zork, Grand Inquisitor, examine, bug bluegr defect high
#11529 CRUISE: Cut-scenes happen too quickly and dialogue cannot be read new defect high
#11530 CRUISE: Missing end credits new defect high
#11531 CRUISE: Save at end of game causes crash on loading new defect high
#11644 Blazing Dragons: Splash screen font background too visible new defect high
#11719 Ultima IV: Galloping in Combat new defect high
#11753 BACKENDS: ANDROID (10+ / API 29+) - external storage is no longer browsable new API 29, Android 10, Android 11, File access, External Storage, Scoped Storage defect high
#11780 BACKENDS: Symbian - Virtual keyboard distortion: The letters are superimposed on each other. new virtual keyboard, distortion, interface, symbian defect high
#11788 EMI: WARNING: Lua: call expression not a function! spams the log once the ship is back on Melee Island new defect high
#11808 EMI: Freeze in the overworld after leaving Lava Pool puzzle. Cannot load menu or save game afterwards new defect high
#11891 SWORD1: PlayStation version crashes ScummVM new Crash, PlayStation defect high
#11910 BACKENDS: Symbian - The numeric keypad gets stuck. new stuck, keyboard, symbian defect high
#11911 BACKENDS: Symbian - Auto save error. new autosave, game, symbian defect high
#11973 SCUMM: Implement original pause bars, and put Save/Load GUI type toggle in startup menu new scumm defect high
#11980 GLK engine does not support Russian keyboard layout new defect high
#12011 BACKENDS: ANDROID: Tony Tough - cannot bring up the action wheel on Android new defect high
#12017 Unknown game variant for agos new Elvira 1 Mistress of the Darkness enhancement high
#12030 SCUMM: FT: softlock when fast-exiting room before scripted cutscene new defect high
#12044 Impossible to show the map in the GOG Polish version of Myst new Myst bitmap defect high
#12182 Ultima VIII - Trolls do not drop items new Troll money coins drop defect high
#2377 SCUMM: MI1 (VGA) - Guybrush doesn't appear immediately at the 1st beach new defect normal
#2536 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Minor newgame sound glitch new defect normal
#2538 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Sound glitches new defect normal
#2693 SCUMM: Potential savegame incompatibility new defect normal
#3110 SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) - Time bug in airplane new FM-Towns defect normal
#3215 SCUMM: Zak McKracken - intro behavior + movement new defect normal
#3454 SCUMM: COMI - Part 5: Clickable sky behaves strangely new defect normal
#3467 SCUMM: MM - Feeding Meat Eating Plant doesn't work correctly new defect normal
#3493 SCUMM: Dig - Rat Trap Puzzle Error new defect normal
#3533 SCUMM/HE: Freddi Fish 4 - Incorrect/Missing talk animation new Kirben defect normal
#3594 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Text artifacts new defect normal
#3709 SCUMM: SAM - text off screen in german version new defect normal
#3712 ALL: --savepath=PATH broken new defect normal
#3757 AGOS: StS1 - Bad sync in Italian CD version new script defect normal
#4078 AGOS: StS2 - Cat disappears and doesn't reappear new Kirben defect normal
#4111 SCUMM: MM - Meteor Police never arrives new script defect normal
#4144 GROOVIE: T7G - Starting Apparition out of sync new spookypeanut defect normal
#4259 SCUMM: Dig - Cursor delays to appear after scene skip new defect normal
#4303 SCUMM: COMI - The menu doesn't work properly new defect normal
#4354 AUDIO: MIDI - MidiParser::hangingNote(): Exceeded polyphony! new defect normal
#4388 AGI: Incorrect CGA palette new sev- defect normal
#4410 SCUMM: Dig - Subtitles are sometimes not displayed new defect normal
#4424 SCUMM: COMI - Guybrush walks in place when examing certain objects new defect normal
#4480 SAGA: ITE - Graphics glitches in rat cave new defect normal
#4493 SCUMM: Indy3 (MAC) - Credits Overwritten new defect normal
#4494 SCUMM: Indy3 (MAC) - Music Does Not Play When Loading Games new defect normal
#4499 SCUMM: MI2 - MIXER: bad wiring in adlib and mixed midi modes new defect normal
#4502 BASE: ScummVM won't quit if error() is called in a timer callback new eriktorbjorn defect normal
#4535 SCUMM: MI (Amiga) - Voodoo lady palette glitches new defect normal
#4562 SCUMM: Spy Fox: Cheese Chase - can't create new levels new Kirben defect normal
#4575 SCUMM: FT - Issue with subtitles in French version new sylvaintv defect normal
#4594 SCUMM: Zak McKracken - Zak keeps walk animation without moving new defect normal
#4601 SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) - shopkeeper keeps walking new FM-Towns defect normal
#4618 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Actor animation is stuck or something new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4620 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Duplicate main character sprite new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4647 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Ooya can walk in the air new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4649 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Divinity (last) level: left doorbell dissapeared new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4687 SAGA: ITE - Jail bug after speaking to Shiala new script defect normal
#4719 SCUMM: MI2 Dancing Skeletons cause Game Loop new defect normal
#4767 SCUMM/HE: Spyfox 3 - Sprite problem with Spyfox's head new Kirben defect normal
#4775 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Machine hotspot disappears in armor room new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#4776 SCUMM: FREDDI1 - Graphical Glitch in opening cutscene new Kirben defect normal
#4801 SCUMM/HE: Spyfox 2 - Broken talk animation new Kirben defect normal
#4815 PARALLACTION: Nippon - Explanation verbs stuck new script peres defect normal
#4821 PARALLACTION: Nippon - "Push the button" verb appears when it shouldn't new peres defect normal
#4872 BACKENDS: Symbian - Bud Tucker quits after a minute of play new anotherguest defect normal
#4876 BACKENDS: iOS - Skip gesture does not work in 'click-and-drag' mode new vinterstum defect normal
#4879 BACKENDS: iOS - iPad rotation lock not handled properly new vinterstum defect normal
#4883 BACKENDS: Symbian - COMI ingame music sounds like static noise new anotherguest defect normal
#4906 TOOLS: Voice Cut-Off with LAME compressed .bun files new defect normal
#4911 SCUMM: COMI - crash on 1-st scene (Russian version) new sev- defect normal
#4926 TOOLS: descumm "} else {" blocks new defect normal
#4935 AGOS: Elvira2 - Gameplay issue / Fighting bugs new Kirben defect normal
#5307 SCI: PQ3: channel volumes are wrong when using Adlib new midi defect normal
#5312 SCUMM: MI1 - navigator pointing bug (related to actor faces actor) new defect normal
#5320 BACKENDS: MacOSX - MT-32 MIDI broken between 1.0 and 1.1 releases new athrxx defect normal
#5368 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Character stuck after opening lab door new defect normal
#5405 GOB: Woodruff - Can't Get Master's Powers new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5406 GOB: Woodruff - Menu Graphics Glitch In High Morals Club new defect normal
#5409 GOB: Woodruff - Annoying scrolling behaviour in windowed mode new DrMcCoy defect normal
#5413 GOB: Woodruff - Possible lockup in the prison tower new script DrMcCoy defect normal
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