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#14987 GRIM: Manny gets frozen after opening the security door new Grim Fandango - Italian - CD defect blocker
#3401 GOB3: double sprite glitch in the queen level new DrMcCoy defect high
#5724 MD5: MOHAWK: LB - Various missing games (chacksums included) new detection fuzzie defect high
#9720 WME: The Shine of a Star - Problems at shovel puzzle scene new defect high
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new Zork, Grand Inquisitor, Music defect high
#13128 GRIM: Grim Fandango Remastered - Steam MD5 new grim, remastered, steam, gog, md5, wip feature request high
#13594 CHEWY: Dialog canceled by subtitles pending bluegr defect high
#13771 French translation variant for asylum new french patch high
#13782 MADE: ScummVM closes unexpectedly after playing first audio new audio midi crash defect high
#13939 MD5: ADL: Unknown game variant for hires2 new unknown-game defect high
#14110 ANDROID: STARK: Actors are missing when using the OpenGL with shaders renderer new defect high
#14159 GRIM: MD5 dialog can’t be cancelled new defect high
#14279 MD5: TINSEL: Unknown game variant for tinsel: American Discworld 2 demo new unknown-game defect high
#14357 TETRAEDGE: Syberia (1/2) crash on startup with OpenGL ES 2 contexts new defect high
#14401 MD5: MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for mohawk new unknown-game defect high
#14402 MD5: MOHAWK: Unknown game variant for mohawk new unknown-game defect high
#14455 GRIM: Cloud syncing wastes FPS due to excessive save game scanning/checking new cloud syncing defect high
#14462 STARK: Only actors are visible in OpenGL 1.3 rendering mode new dwatteau defect high
#14497 BACKENDS: PSP: Crash on Start since 2.7.0 new crash on start defect high
#14554 PLUGINS: ELF loader doesn't handle mixed ARM and Thumb code new sev- defect high
#14590 Korean translate for sword2 new unknown-game patch high
#14633 AGS: AVX2 optimizations are not enabled in Win 2.8.0 release builds new fracturehill defect high
#14645 CGE2: Sfinx crashes when talking to the tailor after the concert new defect high
#14660 MD5: Unknown game variant for buried new unknown-game defect high
#14693 Unknown game variant for wintermute (Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches GERMAN) pending unknown-game somaen patch high
#14697 Unknown game variant for wintermute (Rhiannon: Prime Game GERMAN) pending unknown-game somaen patch high
#14749 TETRAEDGE: Use BlitImages in the TinyGL renderer new defect high
#14828 HYPNO: Using alternative fire during missile sequences will trigger a large number of video playbacks new neuromancer defect high
#14862 SWORD2: Unknown Game Variant pending unknown-game digitall defect high
#14863 PRIVATE: use original cursors from the exe new neuromancer feature request high
#14886 AGOS: Waxworks crashing at Egypt Level 3, corrupting save file pending athrxx defect high
#14964 NANCY: Nancy Drew Haunted Mansion - Force closing new defect high
#15043 FREESCAPE: CPC sounds are not implemented new neuromancer defect high
#15044 FREESCAPE: C64 releases are not supported new neuromancer defect high
#15082 AUDIO: Sound skips/pops/stutters on all ScummVM versions on Windows 10/7 new skips, stutters, pops, audio, buffer defect high
#2536 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Minor newgame sound glitch new defect normal
#2538 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Sound glitches new defect normal
#2693 SCUMM: Potential savegame incompatibility new defect normal
#3467 SCUMM: MANIAC (Original bug): Feeding Meat Eating Plant doesn't work correctly new defect normal
#4078 AGOS: StS2 - Cat disappears and doesn't reappear new Kirben defect normal
#4388 AGI: Incorrect CGA palette new sev- defect normal
#4480 SAGA: ITE - Graphics glitches in rat cave new defect normal
#4499 SCUMM: MI2 - MIXER: bad wiring in adlib and mixed midi modes new defect normal
#4562 SCUMM/HE: Spy Fox: Cheese Chase - can't create new levels new Kirben defect normal
#4618 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Actor animation is stuck or something new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4620 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Duplicate main character sprite new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4647 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Ooya can walk in the air new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4649 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Divinity (last) level: left doorbell dissapeared new DrMcCoy defect normal
#4687 SAGA: ITE - Jail bug after speaking to Shiala new script defect normal
#4719 SCUMM: MI2 Dancing Skeletons cause Game Loop new defect normal
#4767 SCUMM/HE: Spyfox 3 - Sprite problem with Spyfox's head new Kirben defect normal
#4775 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Machine hotspot disappears in armor room new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#4821 PARALLACTION: Nippon - "Push the button" verb appears when it shouldn't new peres defect normal
#4926 TOOLS: descumm "} else {" blocks new defect normal
#4935 AGOS: Elvira2 - Gameplay issue / Fighting bugs new Kirben defect normal
#5320 BACKENDS: MacOSX - MT-32 MIDI broken between 1.0 and 1.1 releases new athrxx defect normal
#5405 GOB: Woodruff - Can't Get Master's Powers new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5406 GOB: Woodruff - Menu Graphics Glitch In High Morals Club new defect normal
#5409 GOB: Woodruff - Annoying scrolling behaviour in windowed mode new DrMcCoy defect normal
#5413 GOB: Woodruff - Possible lockup in the prison tower new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5490 GOB: GOB3: Incorrect Name of Potion Object In Lab new script Strangerke defect normal
#5638 SAGA: IHNM - Animations speed/sequence is off new defect normal
#5667 HUGO: Whodunit? - Priority glitches in Main Hall new Strangerke defect normal
#5730 AGI: Winnie: Color flood fill issue new m-kiewitz defect normal
#5732 BACKENDS: Dreamcast - Toonstruck (demo) launch error new zeldin defect normal
#5745 SAGA: ITE (Floppy) - Audio loops and game stops responding new sev- defect normal
#5760 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Cannot move Blount in the Brain level new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5828 SAGA: IHNM - Character selection animations often miss a frame new defect normal
#5856 AGOS: Simon 2 Hebrew - Pirate Dialogue Freezes new original bluegr defect normal
#5901 GOB: Woodruff - Priest doesn't prevent you from taking the disk new script DrMcCoy defect normal
#5950 BACKENDS: iOS - Airplay Mirroring not working correctly new vinterstum defect normal
#6013 TINSEL: DW1 - Act 2: Amazon dialog still skipping in GRA Versions new defect normal
#6018 BACKENDS: Touchscreen Tablets - Fullscreen mode unusable new defect normal
#6046 AGOS: SIMON1DOS French Barman Animation Glitch new defect normal
#6050 AGOS: SIMON1 DOS French Animation glitch new defect normal
#6054 HUGO: Whodunit? - Priority glitch with Parrot new draw order Strangerke defect normal
#6143 AGOS: Simon 1 - Random Screen Fade Glitch new defect normal
#6144 TEENAGENT: Polish CD (Nowy) Version Issue new detection digitall defect normal
#6149 SCUMM/HE: Blue's Clues Art Time is not completable new defect normal
#6150 SCUMM/HE: Blue's Clues 123 Time Graphic Glitches new defect normal
#6236 TOLTECS: Actor "vanishes" and won't be displayed any more new defect normal
#6243 AGOS: The Feeble Files PL - wrong file used new Kirben defect normal
#6266 MOHAWK: LB - Extended Characters in Living Books Outline File new fuzzie defect normal
#6271 TINSEL: DW1 - Can't take custard book new bluegr defect normal
#6293 TOON: Mouse isn't deactivated after being picked up new sylvaintv defect normal
#6329 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Spectacles hotspot active after taking spectacles new defect normal
#6330 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Incorrect Name of Coin in Chessboard new defect normal
#6331 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Moving figure onto occupied square on the chessboard new defect normal
#6333 TONY: Flickering sprites at Shack's Door left of Lorenz new fuzzie defect normal
#6356 AGOS: Simon1 Crash in Dwarf Cave new Kirben defect normal
#6380 MOHAWK: LB - Bad config file causes engine abort in Sheila Rae French new script fuzzie defect normal
#6392 TSAGE: BF - Animation jitter after entering police station new defect normal
#6395 TINSEL: Discworld (PSX) - "Eye of Offla" scene stays fully lit new defect normal
#6403 DRACI: Troll Scene Glitches with Mouth and Bird new rspalek defect normal
#6409 AGOS: Elvira 2 Power Points stop regenerating in Studio 3 new Kirben defect normal
#6431 MADE: RTZ demo freezes new defect normal
#6442 MADE: RTZ - Video A/V sync broken new defect normal
#6453 WME: Rosemary - Text glitch new somaen defect normal
#6459 GROOVIE: T7G Enhanced Music Files Block CD Audio new defect normal
#6466 TSAGE: Ringworld2 - In-game menu different from the original new defect normal
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