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BACKENDS: Touchscreen Tablets - Fullscreen mode unusable

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At fullscreen mode, pointer behaves very erratically with multitouch screen & Wacon pen. Using external mouse it works however properly. In windowed mode touchscreen works properly.

Likely reason for problem is that touchscreen & pen return absolute coordinates, which are not handled correctly when in fullscreen mode.

I also noticed a slight gameplay issue with touchscreen - as it's not very accurate pointing device, it is extremely hard to click to the edge of the window. Suitable behaviour could be that when clicking border, it would be interpreted as clicking at nearest window edge.

ScummVM version 1.4.1. Linux (ubuntu 12.04 64-bit) Hardware Samsung 7 Slate, w/ Atmel maXTouch touchscreen & Wacom v4 pen.

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comment:1 by digitall, 12 years ago

henris42: We do have some issues associated with touch/multitouch screens, mainly on Android and IPhone ports as most of the games originally were designed for 2/3 button mouse input, rather than absolute touchscreen interfaces.

But these generally are associated with mapping of left/right mouse buttons, double click and drag to an appropriate gesture mapping, rather than the issues you seem to be seeing.

The first issue sounds a jittering mouse position which can occur when the mouse is not "smoothed", which we do not do as that is an issue for the operating system. This may be a problem with your X11 wacom mouse drivers. I would suggest consulting the man page for xf86-input-wacom, especially the accel or using xsetwacom to adjust this setting. If you could check this and confirm here if this help and if this affects all Wacom usage or only with ScummVM. If this only affects ScummVM, then it may be related to SDL backend mouse setup (smoothing) and we will investigate.

comment:2 by digitall, 12 years ago

The second issue is generally a game specific problem as some games have "hotspots" which are only 1 pixel wide at the screen edge. SCI games, especially Freddy Pharkas are known to be offenders, but this is as per the original engine and fixing this without breaking things is fairly tricky.

henris42: Could you please confirm which game(s) you are observing the second issue in? If this is a large number or all, just a few examples would be sufficient.

comment:3 by SF/merkinface, 12 years ago

Can confirm I have the same bug with the Samsung Slate under windows 7 when playing in fullscreen mode. Also have the same issue with Masters of Orion in Dosbox which makes it a driver/mapping issue I think.

Input smoothing is tested both on and off in the touch settings without any change. The issue is that the pointer does not map to the touch movements but is greatly exaggerated to the point of not being usable.

Hope this helps, any suggestions?

Cheers, Merkin

comment:4 by digitall, 12 years ago

merkinface: Thank you for the information, but I have no suggestions or workarounds.

This sounds like an issue with Wacom mouse drivers generally or using them via the SDL mouse API hence affecting DOSBox as well... Without more detailed debug information and/or a developer with a Wacom tablet who is interested, this will probably not get fixed..

if this is within SDL or the Wacom drivers, the ScummVM development team can't do much about this.

comment:5 by SF/merkinface, 12 years ago

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out and post here if I can get a fix.

comment:6 by Strangerke, 10 years ago

Component: --Unset--Ports

comment:7 by SF/quietust, 10 years ago

I have this same problem on my Surface Pro - when in fullscreen mode, all touch input is interpreted as relative motion from the center of the screen (e.g. if I touch the left side of the screen, the cursor moves to the left, and if I touch the right side of the screen, the cursor moves to the right).

A pity, since it renders the program largely useless on a tablet since Windowed mode cannot be maximized in order to hide the taskbar and other desktop icons - the closest I can get is 3x stretch, which still leaves a significant amount of space on the sides.

comment:8 by SF/derpopo1, 9 years ago

I made a touchscreen patch for a SDL-based game and somebody reported it would also work with ScummVM.

comment:9 by SF/quietust, 9 years ago

The DLL you linked is 32-bit, so I can't use it (because I build ScummVM from source and produce 64-bit builds).

Also, the "modified source code" download doesn't contain any source code at all, just project files, so I can't even make my own build of it - you need to include the entire project tree, not just the "VisualC" subdirectory.

comment:10 by SF/derpopo1, 9 years ago

I somehow uploaded the wrong file. Now it should be the correct one.

comment:11 by raziel-, 4 years ago

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