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MD5: MOHAWK: LB - Various missing games (chacksums included)

Reported by: SF/afholman Owned by: fuzzie
Priority: high Component: Engine: Mohawk
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game:


I seem to have a game that is not yet supported; "Arthur's Reading Games". I do not know whether this is distinct from "Arthur's Reading Race", but I see on the web that both are available for sale.

The game has two outline files, and, and one executable, arg32.exe

The initial portion of is as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [BookInfo] title="Arthur's Reading Games 1.0" copyright="©Copyright 1999, The Learning Company" nPages="13" nLanguages="1" xRes="640" yRes="480" ;optional configuration info fNeedPalette=true fUse254ColorPalette=true nColors=256

[Globals] PanelInit=2 nDemo=1

[Languages] Language1="English" ------------------------------------------------------------

I attempted to start the game by copying and modifying for checksum one of the stanzas for Arthur's Reading Race as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------- { { "arthurrace", "", AD_ENTRY1("ARG32.LB", "51be80dff4be9fd07c32b3b207320677"), Common::EN_ANY, Common::kPlatformWindows, ADGF_NO_FLAGS, Common::GUIO_NONE }, GType_LIVINGBOOKSV3, 0, 0 }, ------------------------------------------------------------------

This resulted in scummvm detecting the game as Arthur's Reading Race. Starting the game brought up an introductory screen with title "Arthur's Reading Games". Attempting t!o play beyond the title screen resulted in the "I Spy" choice of pictures, choosing one of these resulted in an error: "0x6f had wrong size (10)"

The version of scummvm tested was: ScummVM 1.4.0git617-gbc2e770-dirty (May 29 2011 22:01:25) Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 ALSA SEQ TiMidity RGB zLib

This was compiled by myself under Debian sid, amd64.

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comment:1 by fuzzie, 13 years ago

It does seem to just be Arthur's Reading Race rebranded. I had no idea about that!

I'll look at adding all of these detection entries when I can find some time, thanks for the very helpful reports. Do you know if any of your games have Mac versions on the discs? If so, we'd very much appreciate the relevant md5sums for their outlines too (mounting the CDs with '-t hfsplus' should show you the Mac contents, if any).

comment:2 by fuzzie, 13 years ago

Owner: set to fuzzie

comment:3 by SF/afholman, 13 years ago

Quite a few of my Living Books games advertise that the disks are Hybrid Windows/Macintosh disks. I just tried one and managed to mount it with -t hfs (but not with -t hfsplus).

Would you like md5sums for the Macintosh files for just the ones I've reported, or for all the Macintosh disks I have? Do you need them for all languages? Would you like also the md5sums for non-english Windows outline files? (The stanzas I added were just for my use, hence only the english ones).

comment:4 by fuzzie, 13 years ago

Oops, sorry, HFS indeed, not quite awake!

I would appreciate md5sums for any LB games you have which aren't detected, both non-English and Mac, if it's not too much of a pain - there's a huge variety of these discs out there, and while we'll be adding a fallback detector so that people don't have to add stanzas themselves just to make things work, it doesn't always pick up the right files/version.

comment:5 by SF/afholman, 13 years ago

These are the md5sums for the first 5000 characters of the named outline files. I have not checked whether these checksums are already in the detection tables. I only have one disk for each title, so where a checksum matches an existing title or the checksum for one of the stanzas I added in the other bug reports I made, then the rest of the checksums for that title are for outline files on the same CD. All macintosh checksums are for files on the same hybrid CD as the windows files for that title.

tortoise: macintosh: (All Macintosh filenames have been converted to UTF-8 from Mac Roman) Die Schildkröte und der Hase bf721596d4ba6e1d6773e1ad1e06cdc0 Le Lièvre et la Tortue 77e351b02733d9eacea32608f0724890
The Tortoise and the Hare b993d328714a34faee7e70f123f879b8

Windows: 83f6bfcf30c445d13e81e0faed9aa27b 21761e7de4e5f12298f43fa17c00f3e1 9693043df217ffc0667a1f45f2849aa7

sheila: macintosh: EnglishBO 6d3ad5724f1729a1d96d812668770c2e FrenchBO 62eefcb8424a5f9ba7db5af6f0421e58 GermanBO af1dc5a8bc8da58310d17b72b657fc1f

windows: 4835612022c2ae1944bde453d3202803 3f21183534d324cf3bb8464f9217712c 96b00fc4b44c0e881c674d4bae5aa79a

Dr Seuss's ABC: macintosh: BookOutline 64fbc7a3519de7db3f8c7ff650921eea

windows: 1d56a9351974a7a70ace5274a4570b72 1d56a9351974a7a70ace5274a4570b72

Arthur's Teacher Trouble: macintosh: BookOutline 133750de1ceb9e7351599d79f99fee4d

windows: pages.512 1550a361454ec452fe7d2328aac2003c

Harry and the Haunted House: macintosh: EnglishBO b63a7b67834de0cd4cdbf02cf40d8547 FrenchBO 2118de914ab9eaec482c245c06145071 GermanBO eb740102c1c8379c2c610cba14484ccb

windows: 267bb6e3c8f237ca98b02c07b9c4013f 85c0a816efeb679739158789befb2be8 7e5da86f19935bdf8fa89bbd39446543

Arthur's Birthday: macintosh: bookoutline 8e4fddb5b761c8cf2a3b448dd38422be

windows: outline 3b793adf2b303722e0fb6c632f94e1fb

Just Grandma and Me: macintosh: BookOutline 99fe5c8ace79f0542e6390bc3b58f25a

windows: outline 159c18b663c58d1aa17ad5e1ab1f0e12

The Cat in the Hat: macintosh: BookOutline e139903eee98f0b0c3f39247a23b8f10

windows: outline 0b5ab6dd7c08cf23066efa709fa48bbc

Little Monster at School: macintosh: EnglishBO 7aa2a1694255000b72ff0cc179f8059f FrenchBO d13e5eae0f68cecc91a0dcfcceec7061 GermanBO ff7ac4b1b4f2ded71ff3650f383fea48

windows: 18a4e82f2c5cc30f7a2f9bd95e8c1364 422b94c0e663305869cb2d2f1109a0bc 8c22e79c97a86827d56b4c596066dcea

Arthur's Reading Games: macintosh: Bookoutline 394e06287031512c8487b0940abe1049

windows: 51be80dff4be9fd07c32b3b207320677 82baf9c67d417bc3278c79018d1617d4

Sampler (included on Arthur's Teaching Trouble CD): macintosh: BookOutline 6dd1c0606f1db3b71207121b4370e487

windows: outline 8397cea6bed1ff90029f7602ef37684d

comment:6 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Summary: Mohawk: Unaccounted for game: argLB: Unaccounted for game: arg

comment:7 by fuzzie, 13 years ago

Thanks very much, that is ideal, we were missing many of these. I've added a bunch of them, but not yet all of them.

comment:8 by sev-, 13 years ago

What is the status of this item?

comment:9 by raziel-, 4 years ago

Summary: LB: Unaccounted for game: argMOHAWK: LB - Unaccounted for game: arg

comment:10 by tag2015, 4 weeks ago

Priority: normalhigh
Summary: MOHAWK: LB - Unaccounted for game: argMD5: MOHAWK: LB - Various missing games (chacksums included)

comment:11 by tag2015, 4 weeks ago

I took the liberty of renaming this hard-to-find bugreport, hopefully somebody can check and add the missing entries

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