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SCUMM/HE: Blue's Clues Art Time is not completable

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In ScummVM 1.5.0, when trying to play Blue's Clues Art Time Activities (Windows/English) Some issues occurr. Here they are in order of urgency.

1. I guess Actor Behavior? Cursor stops working in the color game. (can be accessed by going all the way to the right in Blue's school, and going outside to the playground, then clicking one of the 3 animals.) The game works sometimes but ALWAYS breaks eventually, after that you cant click on anything. I mean, when you click on things, nothing happens, instead of what should happen. You can't even return to the playground, to continue playing. The game must be restarted. Even worse, you can't complete the game to get to the art show part without beating the color game, so that "90%" compatibility figure is inaccurate. Game is NOT completable.

2. Cursor no appears with a blue/black box around it. That didn't happen in prior versions (<1.5.0) It's super annoying. >:/

3. On the screen where you enter your name, the letters are supposed to be colored according to the color you choose below, but no matter what color you choose, they appear blue. Not even the right blue, either.

ScummVM Versions tested: Wii 1.5.0, Windows 1.3.0.

I would appreciate if they were fixed soon, because my little sister really wants to play this game, and thank you for your great program.

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comment:1 by digitall, 11 years ago

Summary: Blue's Clues Art Time Cursor Bugs/Graphics GlitchesSCUMM: Blue's Clues Art Time Graphics Glitches

comment:2 by digitall, 11 years ago

Issue 2 is already reported as bug #3551156 "WII: Zak FM-TOWNS mouse cursor encased in blue box":

And will be dealt with there. As far as it is known, this is a Wii specific problem with the Cursor.

comment:3 by digitall, 11 years ago

Issue 3 has been reported before around v1.2.0, but the submitter was unresponsive to questions and Blue games are not common, which makes it harder for ScummVM developers. Will try to locate a copy.

This is reported as bug #3426520 "SCUMM: Blue's Clues Art Time Glitches":

comment:4 by SF/cheatfreak47, 11 years ago

If you need the game files, i have them, and i CAN share them. Contact me via email if you wish to discuss such matters.

comment:5 by SF/cheatfreak47, 11 years ago

I actually have access to most humongous entertainment games. Again, i'm willing to share the files, but contact me via email to discuss.

comment:6 by digitall, 11 years ago

cheatfreak47: No. That would violate Rule #0. Please see

I have located a copy of this on Ebay.

comment:7 by SF/cheatfreak47, 11 years ago

oh. Well good to know, i would donate the game my self, but then i couldn't play them anymore. I have the humongous entertainment collection set. If you are in need of any of the humongous games, it has em all.

comment:8 by BenCastricum, 7 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM

comment:9 by cheatfreak47, 7 years ago

Hello, I am the one that reported this issue several years ago- All of these are still a problem in ScummVM 1.9.0 and the first issue listed still prevents the game from being completed.

comment:10 by cheatfreak47, 5 years ago

Still happening in 2.0.0, and the game is erroneously listed as "Good" support on the compatibility page.

The game is not completable in it's current state so it should be listed as bugged.

Is there anything I can do to help get this sorted? I reported this 6 whole years ago with little to no response since I posted it initially.

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comment:11 by sev-, 3 years ago

Summary: SCUMM: Blue's Clues Art Time Graphics GlitchesSCUMM: Blue's Clues Art Time is not completable

comment:12 by cheatfreak47, 3 years ago

The main issue of the game not being completable is still present in the dev builds at the time of writing (tested on 2.3.0 windows-x86-64-master-cb14f43e)

When you play the color game, it still softlocks up almost every time at some point.
Completing the color game is required to complete a cycle of the game's story (the game is intended to be replayed multiple times)

comment:13 by sev-, 20 months ago

Summary: SCUMM: Blue's Clues Art Time is not completableSCUMM/HE: Blue's Clues Art Time is not completable

comment:14 by Thunderforge, 14 months ago

Game: Blue's Art Time Activities
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