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#6716 Implement descriptive error message on save failure new normal --Other--
#6804 SWORD25: add option to choose language speech new normal Engine: Sword25
#6948 GUI: Allow text selection new normal GUI
#7043 SCI: PHARKAS Mac ScummVM font different than native font. new normal Engine: SCI
#7307 DC: Possibility to select a specific VMU for saving new zeldin normal Port: Dreamcast
#7331 MIDI: Percussive Organ pitch correction with GM output new normal Audio: MT32
#7420 MT-32: Write "Memory Timbres" names to LCD new normal Audio: MT32
#7457 GOBLIIINS: Atari ST version color palette new normal Engine: Gob
#7527 Recognize zipped savegame when no Zlib was compiled new sev- normal --Other--
#7535 Move special debug flags init to plugin API new normal --Other--
#7546 DS: Action GUI new agent-q normal Engine: SCUMM
#7554 Gob2 (Mac): Add support for Mac music new DrMcCoy normal Engine: Gob
#7558 SDL: mouse emulation through cursor keys new normal Ports
#7564 FOTAQ code modifications (mostly for greek translation) pending sev- normal Engine: Queen
#7569 AGI: Add the function keys to the keymap new normal Engine: AGI
#7597 ITE: Add support for Inherit the Earth OS X bundle new sev- normal Engine: SAGA
#7602 Expose game hotspots to backend new normal --Other--
#7603 iPhone: Pie menu for keyboard input? new vinterstum normal Port: iOS
#7605 Different game description according to language new normal GUI
#7649 ALL: visible warning when CD music missing new bluegr normal --Other--
#7700 Wii: Support Sound Settings new dhewg normal Port: Wii
#7720 GUI: default option new sev- normal GUI
#7722 GUI: volume and subtitles speed sliders new normal GUI
#7782 GUI: Game Sortation: Folders / Subfolders new normal GUI
#7793 AGI: Better mapping for mouse buttons new normal Engine: AGI
#7806 TOON: add support for speech/subtitle/both options new normal Engine: Toon
#7813 Dreamcast SD card support new normal Port: Dreamcast
#7839 AGI: Add three voice MIDI with AGI games. new normal Engine: AGI
#7853 CRUISE: Add MT-32 emu support to Cruise for a Corpse new normal Engine: Cruise
#7887 COMI: Enable "A pirate I was meant to be" scene in German COMI new normal Engine: SCUMM
#10404 SCI: LSL7: parser behavior improvement new normal Engine: SCI
#10979 Feature Request: Text box above virtual keyboard for Starship Titanic and other games new normal Engine: Titanic
#11075 BACKENDS: Get rid of the hideous and slow stretch200To240 function for surface SDL backend new normal Graphics
#11182 GUI Dialog for missing Roland MT-32 support new normal Audio: MT32
#11223 Handle surround sound-encoded OGG and FLAC files more gracefully new normal Audio
#11324 MADE: Return to Zork - ReelMagic / MPEG game variant new normal Engine: MADE
#11367 WEB: I18N and punctuation improvements pending IlDucci normal Web
#11386 Using SCUMMVM for calculating MD5 new normal Common
#11394 Unknown game variant for AGOS - Simon the Sorceror 2 - GOG Edition pending lotharsm normal Engine: AGOS
#11418 SCI: QfG3 - enhance game with keyboard shortcuts new normal Engine: SCI
#11428 macOS: Change default savegame location for macOS new normal Port: Mac OS X
#11439 SCI: Add support for Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and Munt Support new normal Audio
#11462 IOS: Apple Magic Keyboard support new normal Port: iOS
#11520 ScummGlk has no text configuration options new normal Engine: GLK
#11539 CRUISE: Add Amiga sound support new normal Engine: Cruise
#11549 TONY: Undetected German "Shoe Box" Version new normal Engine: Tony
#11560 ADL: Unknown game variant for Ulyssey new normal Engine: ADL
#11632 Blazing Dragons: Subtitles are cropped new normal Engine: Dragons
#11643 Blazing Dragons: Thumbwrestling too easy new normal Engine: Dragons
#11860 Add information to the dumped (mostly OpenGL) context new normal Graphics
#11883 STARK: Unsupported variant, which seems to be an even older demo new sev- normal Engine: Stark
#11902 SYMBIAN: Display the letters on the virtual keyboard according to the orientation of the phone. new normal Port: Symbian
#11913 MOHAWK: MYST: Include the Rime Age from the PSP port of Myst new normal Engine: Mohawk
#11917 TEENAGENT: French Translation Support Patch new normal Engine: TeenAgent
#11925 AGI: Unknown game variant for agi new normal Engine: AGI
#11932 Android TV support new normal Port: Android
#11940 Add both Traditional and Simplified Chinese support for Escape From Monkey Island. new normal Engine: Grim
#11941 Add Traditional Chinese support for Beneath a Steel Sky. new normal Engine: Sky
#11948 INDY3: Disable saving like the original game did new JohnnyWalkerDesign normal Engine: SCUMM
#12042 AGOS: Unknown game variant for Simon the Sorcerer 2 (French / Steam Legacy Edition / Full) new normal Engine: AGOS
#12043 AGOS: Unknown game variant for Simon the Sorcerer 2 (English / Steam Legacy Edition / Full) new normal Engine: AGOS
#12341 DS: No virtual keyboard new normal Port: NDS
#12515 AGS: Mac Steam games by Clifftop Games not detected when user selects .app file new normal Engine: AGS
#12623 TRECISION: œ (o+e ligature) missing from French subtitles new Kurufinwe21 normal Engine: Trecision
#12702 Request: EOB AGA? new normal Engine: Kyra
#12703 Unknown game variant for tony (Spanish Translation not detected) new normal Engine: Tony
#12713 STARTREK enable alternative path for voc files new normal Engine: Startrek
#12774 Better notes about residualvm merge new normal Web
#12800 Add option to pass parameters to SCUMMVM on Android new normal Port: Android
#12805 GLK: GLULX - Unknown game variants new dreammaster normal Engine: GLK: Glulxe
#12918 IOS: iOS 14 mouse support new normal Port: iOS
#12974 AGS: Disable scummvm save/load feature and autosave for Dustbowl new normal Engine: AGS
#13004 Unknown game variant for director (Voyeur II) new normal Engine: Director
#13030 Option to Disable Status Window new normal Tools
#13119 DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for "Physikus" new normal Engine: Director
#13121 Implement printing in HE SCUMM titles new normal Engine: SCUMM
#13159 DIRECTOR: Add detection and support for Rhem SE series new normal Engine: Director
#13200 Separate Full Screen setting for GUI and Games new normal GUI
#13201 Option to make save/load screen conform to the screen size of the active game while in fullscreen mode new normal GUI
#7283 ALL: Favor Adlib over MT32 for SFX tracks new low Audio
#7455 MI1 Amiga: choose actor palette new low Engine: SCUMM
#7462 SCUMM: Sega CD Monkey Island has not start button new low Engine: SCUMM
#7477 SCALERS : 2XPM new low Graphics: Scalers
#7583 KYRA1: Add support for Korean/DOS version new low Engine: Kyra
#7647 KYRA3: add subtitles in VQA videos new low Engine: Kyra
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new low Audio
#7818 LOL: Support subtitles in "Lore of the Lands" new low Engine: Kyra
#10311 AGOS: Waxworks: Add hotkey for switching to fighting new low Engine: AGOS
#10363 GUI: Ability to hightlight ScummVM version # in GUI and copy to clipboard new low GUI
#11200 Unknown game variant for AGOS new sev- low Engine: AGOS
#11202 Unknown game variant for MADE new sev- low Engine: MADE
#11368 Unknown game variant for tinsel - Discworld (PSX, Japanese) new dreammaster low Engine: Tinsel
#11501 LURE: Unsupported demo version new sev- low Engine: Lure
#11888 SYMBIAN: Add a minimize (MIN) key shortcut to the virtual Qwerty keyboard (ABC). new low Port: Symbian
#11973 SCUMM: Implement original pause bars, and put Save/Load GUI type toggle in startup menu new low Engine: SCUMM
#12008 SWORDDEMO: Missing Demo subtitles new low Engine: Sword1
#12316 Configurable quick buttons for the Android and IOS ports new low GUI
#12469 ICB: A sangre fría (In Cold Blood Spanish) not Detected new low Engine: ICB
#12537 AUDIO: Support hardware OPL on Windows new low Audio
#12565 PRIVATE: Casebook inaccesible new neuromancer low Engine: Private
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