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SCUMM: INDY4 (Original bug): different palette at the Godhood Machine in CD-Version

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This is not a ScummVM-specific bug, but one that was introduced when the CD-version of the game was created.

It is documented here at the TCRF:

Essentially, they messed up Kerner's palette during part of his transformation into a goat creature. Can this be fixed and the correct palette from the floppy version be used?

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comment:1 by dwatteau, 18 months ago

There's a difference but I'm not sure it's a bug. Testing the two versions here with the 4964 boot param, I agree that the new effect is not really well done (especially on the boots and uniform), but the original intent may have been to insist on the evil effect of the machine while it operates?

The talkie version was released after the floppy version, so any new change may have been made as an improvement. It's a very visible effect at the end of the game that every player would see, so I'm surprised that the QA team let this happen if it wasn't intentional (but it could happen, Indy3 VGA was shipped with several visual problems). The Macintosh release also fixed some small issues of the original talkie version, but not this costume.

So, I'm not sure we should change something which may have been intentional, unless there's a general consensus that this costume is obviously wrong?

Just my own opinion on this, though :)

Also, I'm not sure this change has just done with the palette; the related resource for this creature (costume 184 in room 23) really is different between the two releases.

comment:2 by AndywinXp, 15 months ago

The proposed change seem arbitrary and driven by personal preference, I'm not sure this is something that needs to be fixed (we don't even know if this is intentional or not in the first place).

comment:3 by AndywinXp, 6 days ago

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comment:4 by AndywinXp, 6 days ago

Summary: SCUMM: FOA Palette Bug at the Godhood Machine in CD-VersionSCUMM: INDY4 (Original bug): different palette at the Godhood Machine in CD-Version
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