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Consider implementing auto-complete for individual games that can support it.

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Whenever i read about people complaining about 'the classics' text adventures it was about 'guess the verb' or 'guess the object'.

I'd love if optionally these classics could have a list of word combinations that lead to not 'i don't know' generic responses depending on room and the game engine could autocomplete - and show the possibilities - in each different room. Note that while this would be better if it used the game internal structures (because rooms can change their available objects as puzzle progress) a simplistic implementation that could be externalized is possible with that 'spoiler' defect just by knowing 'i'm on this room so i can pick up words from this section of a external file'. Word canonization for synonymous words would also be best in a autocomplete.

I'm aware that this is a lot of work that requires a lot of special case code for each engine and which some engines might not make possible at all in some parts of individual games - namely those using self modifying code in puzzles, probably 'Ned and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It' or 'Ad Verbum' - but trying would be great, and if for instance a common engine like ADRIFT, MAGNETIC or ZCODE did it successfully and generically it would be the greatest usability jump these games ever had (leading them to around the level of Legend Entertainment 'mixed' parser/gui games).

I only opened this ticket because i searched for 'auto-complete' and 'autocomplete' and there was no duplicate, which i find weird because it's such a obvious enhancement. If there is a issue for this already, please close this.

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