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Add information to the dumped (mostly OpenGL) context

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Quite often, in created issues, it is asked afterwards to give details about the context.
I propose to add some items to the printed OpenGL properties:

WARNING: SDL mixer output buffer size: 512 differs from desired: 1024!
WARNING: Unable to enable VSync: That operation is not supported!
INFO: OpenGL Vendor: VMware, Inc.
INFO: OpenGL Renderer: llvmpipe (LLVM 8.0, 256 bits)
INFO: OpenGL Version: 3.1 Mesa 19.0.8
INFO: OpenGL Red bits: 8
INFO: OpenGL Green bits: 8
INFO: OpenGL Blue bits: 8
INFO: OpenGL Alpha bits: 8
INFO: OpenGL Z buffer depth bits: 24
INFO: OpenGL Double Buffer: 1
INFO: OpenGL Stencil buffer bits: 8
INFO: GLEW Version: 2.1.0
INFO: GLSL version: 1.40

I think that these items would be relevant and useful, added at the top of the previous list:

application version (that appears in the launcher window bar, without the date)
OS name and version (distribution for Linux)
SDL version
current renderer (among: Software, OpenGL, OpenGL with shaders)
That will give for example:

INFO: ResidualVM 0.4.0git578-g1fda562c9
INFO: Linux Ubuntu 19.04
INFO: SDL Version: 1.2.15
INFO: Graphics Renderer: OpenGL

That will ease bug reporting, just having to copy and paste.

And even when testing or developing, this additional output would be convenient.

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