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SCI: Support Cinepak dithering with QuickTime videos

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When playing QuickTime videos in Mac games, the screen mode will change to use a true colour mode if RGB rendering isn’t already enabled. However, the Cinepak codec supports the original dithering modes, so it may be beneficial for some platforms to enable it when RGB rendering is disabled instead of changing the screen mode.

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comment:1 by sluicebox, 17 months ago

Just to be clear about the role of QuickTime in SCI, there are only five movies:

KQ6 Mac

  • Halfdome: Sierra logo when starting the game
  • KQ6Movie: Intro when clicking OPENING on title screen

KQ7 Mac

  • King's Quest VII Intro: Intro when clicking Watch Intro on title screen
  • King's Quest VII End1: Ending when completing the game
  • King's Quest VII End2: Alternate ending

The KQ6 code is in the kShowMovie function and the KQ7 code is in the Sci::VideoPlayer class. (SCI16 vs SCI32). Each move is a standalone QuickTime file, although I believe they're the kind where you need both the data and resource fork.

Given how limited this is, I don't believe that any SCI expertise is required to implement this feature. And it would be easy to test. (I just want to point that out because I doubt I'd be the one to do this.)

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