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#13452 new feature request

request to change background color of GLK text adventure games or make it adjustable

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Currently there is no option to change background color in GLK engine for adventure games. It is now blue. Lovely color, but for reading imho not the best.
My preference would be 'night mode' so black background with white fonts but there might be other opinions out there.
Best would be to make it adjustable via a menu but if that is too much work it would be nice to have it at least enabled via a config file. Fontsize is already adjustable in the configfile (e.g propsize=30) but I haven't found a method to change the background color.

If that isn't possible as well, I would suggest at least to change the default blue background color.

Consensus seems to be black / white is the best for readability and my suggestion would be black background, white fonts because then you also cover folks that want to use scummvm at night. Blue is basically the worst color to use before bedtime.


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