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IOS: Apple Magic Keyboard support

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I'm extremely happy to have ScummVM sideloaded on my iPad Pro! The only thing that would make it better is support for the Apple Magic Keyboard with trackpad that was just released.

Using 2.1.1, the touchpad is treated like a touch-emulator; the in-game cursor remains stationary unless the touchpad is clicked and dragged. Usability is frequently even more difficult than touch due to awkwardness of selecting pop-over menus such as can be found across the top of many SCI games.

It might also be worth mentioning there's no escape key on this keyboard, so perhaps a key combination could be implemented as a shortcut to further improve usability. Apparently the standard is to use Command + . but using this combination in-game with the keyboard enabled via pinch doesn't seem to produce a response.

Thanks for your work on ScummVM and your consideration of this feature request.

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comment:1 by treyturner, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by sev-, 3 years ago

Summary: Apple Magic Keyboard supportIOS: Apple Magic Keyboard support

comment:3 by criezy, 3 years ago

Are you aware that several touch modes are supported?

  • You can enable/disable the click and drag mode with a two fingers swipe from bottom to top.
  • You can toggle between direct touch mode and touchpad mode with a two fingers swipe from left to right.

Do any of those make the touchpad easier to use?

Also there are two ways to "type" Escape when you do not have an escape key:

See for more informations on the controls.

comment:4 by DierteK, 3 years ago

The different touch modes do not change the behavior of the cursor. If you move your finger over it, only the ios pointer moves, but not the in-game cursor.

But if the touchpad is "pressed" (clicked) at the same time during the movement, the in-game cursor would move together with the ios-pointer, like touching the touchscreen...

comment:5 by larsamannen, 2 years ago

Support for using the trackpad on the magic keyboard as a mouse is added in this
I will look into fixing the magic keyboard support better as well later this summer.

comment:6 by DierteK, 20 months ago

Thanks for the information.

Are there any changes in this aspect in the latest version?

I have compiled the latest version and unfortunately could not find any behavior changes :-(

comment:7 by larsamannen, 20 months ago

Have you built the latest master branch or the latest 2.6.0 release? I guess it’s only on the master branch and not in any release yet.

comment:8 by larsamannen, 14 months ago

At least touchpad support on the Magic Keyboard is added to the ScummVM 2.7.0 release.
I will add support for HW key input as well.

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