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Feature Request: Text box above virtual keyboard for Starship Titanic and other games

Reported by: Shockwave508 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Titanic
Version: Keywords: feature request virtual keyboard obstruction
Cc: Game: Starship Titanic


ScummVM Version: Google Play - v2.0
Loaded Game: Starship Titanic (GOG Version)
Language: English US
Game Version: Windows 95
OS: Android v4.4.2 Kitkat on Samsung Galaxy Avant

Problem: When playing Starship Titanic with ScummVM's virtual keyboard, using the keyboard for any reason means that you cannot even see what you are typing when interacting with characters via SpookiTalk, often resulting in fumbling over your own words.

Proposed Solution 1: Have ScummVM detect if the game is using a text-chat interface of some sort, and have it display its entry field as a box above the virtual keyboard, so you can see what you are typing before you confirm your response to in-game events.

Proposed Solution 2: Temporarily reposition the virtual keyboard to the upper-half of the screen, if ScummVM detects a text field that would otherwise be obstructed by its current position.

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