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#1946 SCUMM: Adlib Emulation doesn't Respect Volume Settings new defect Engine: SCUMM
#2226 SKY: BASS - "game frozen" / "actor stuck" / "Invalid Mode(16)" new joostp defect Engine: Sky
#3070 SCUMM: MM (NES) - Actor drawing glitch: standing next to fence new defect Engine: SCUMM
#3494 SCUMM: Zak McKracken - PCJR/Tandy emulation differs from actual Tandy 1000 new defect Engine: SCUMM
#3757 AGOS: StS1 - Bad sync in Italian CD version new defect Engine: AGOS
#3769 GOB: WOODRUFF - Pathfinding bug new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#3838 GOB: LIT - palette issue with sprites new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#3846 GOB: WOODRUFF - In-Game animation shifted(?) new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#3848 GOB: WOODRUFF - Graphic glitches new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#4129 SCUMM: MI2 (Original bug): Waterfall sound breaks up new defect Engine: SCUMM
#5380 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Non-cinematic level "introductions" always play new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#5381 GOB: Goblins Quest 3 - Flickering cursor in "semi-cinematics" new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#5866 PARALLACTION: Nippon - Credits are drawn behind wall new peres defect Engine: Parallaction
#6051 AGOS: SIMON1DOS French Text Glitch new Kirben defect Engine: AGOS
#6203 WME: Dirty Split - Dialog coming out of wrong character (original bug) new lolbot-iichan defect Engine: Wintermute
#6310 HOPKINS: Credits roll flickering new defect Engine: Hopkins
#6674 SWORD1: Minor graphical glitch when knocked down by Goat new defect Engine: Sword1
#6721 WME: The Kite - Overlapping bug new lolbot-iichan defect Engine: Wintermute
#6953 GOB: Gobliins 2 - Can't select Fingus or Winkle when you click on stairs!!! new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob
#6970 ACCESS: AMAZON - Climb up/down animation breaks after one animation new defect Engine: Access
#7283 ALL: Favor Adlib over MT32 for SFX tracks new feature request Audio
#7455 MI1 Amiga: choose actor palette new feature request Engine: SCUMM
#7647 KYRA3: add subtitles in VQA videos new feature request Engine: Kyra
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new feature request Audio
#7818 LOL: Support subtitles in "Lore of the Lands" new feature request Engine: Kyra
#9013 Enforce aspect ratio in fullscreen SDL new patch Ports
#9697 BACKENDS: RPi3 - mouse / desktop capture issue new defect Ports
#9725 AGI IIgs: shift key commands don't work new m-kiewitz defect Engine: AGI
#9726 AGI IIgs: implement inventory/see object screen new defect Engine: AGI
#9846 SCI: PQ4: Can't leave morgue by clicking on car new defect Engine: SCI
#9852 SCI: PQ4: Repeated speech outside of morgue new defect Engine: SCI
#9866 PRINCE: Original game keyboard shortcuts not working (F1-F5) new defect Engine: Prince
#9872 SKY: BASS - Save game MetaInfo is missing new defect Engine: Sky
#10135 MOHAWK: Riven: Graphics glitch after Gehn leaves office. new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10311 AGOS: Waxworks: Add hotkey for switching to fighting new feature request Engine: AGOS
#10363 GUI: Ability to hightlight ScummVM version # in GUI and copy to clipboard new feature request GUI
#10382 GOB: LIT: Loading save in boat closet shows wrong palette new defect Engine: Gob
#10383 GOB: LIT: Cursor flashes when talking to Dalia new defect Engine: Gob
#10384 GOB: LIT: Bad palette around manor area new defect Engine: Gob
#10397 FULLPIPE: Memory leak when loading a saved game new defect Engine: NGI
#10439 SKY: BASS - vkeybd only allows 1 keyboard input at a time new defect Engine: Sky
#10523 TITANIC: SGT Room Transition video has black spots new defect Engine: Titanic
#10547 MM: XEEN: Hanging notes in AdLib music new defect Engine: MM: Xeen
#10557 MOHAWK: MYST: Thumbnail has black top and bottom new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10578 MOHAWK: MYST: Matches and Held pages new defect Engine: Mohawk
#10657 TINSEL: DW1: Actor goes invisible when shooting dragon new defect Engine: Tinsel
#10658 TINSEL: DW1: ACT3 Guard floating equals new defect Engine: Tinsel
#10661 TINSEL: DW1: Dark world barman can't leave via dialogue new defect Engine: Tinsel
#10779 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Baba's pestle hovers above mortar new defect Engine: SCI
#10785 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Berries item, icon color is wrong new defect Engine: SCI
#10786 SCI: QFG4 (Floppy) - Note 'left on chest' appears on the floor new defect Engine: SCI
#10831 SCI: QFG3 - Harami escape speed uncapped new defect Engine: SCI
#10957 TINSEL: DW1 - Psy office event not triggered new defect Engine: Tinsel
#11287 WME: Some games are using same fonts for selected and normal text new defect Engine: Wintermute
#11368 Unknown game variant for tinsel - Discworld (PSX, Japanese) new dreammaster feature request Engine: Tinsel
#11373 SCI: Quest for Glory 3 game script bugs new defect Engine: SCI
#11637 GUI: STRETCH MODE: Popup Menu displays redundant 'Normal' setting. new defect GUI
#11645 GUI: "New save" button still enabled when all save locations are used new defect GUI
#11693 DRAGONS: dust cloud in library new defect Engine: Dragons
#11694 DRAGONS: pre tournament cutscene few frames too long new defect Engine: Dragons
#11695 DRAGONS: Flicker misplaced after bunny game new defect Engine: Dragons
#11724 SWORD25: Slow video and out of synch audio on old Android devices new defect Engine: Sword25
#11766 GRIM: EMI - french version shows english subtitles new defect Engine: Grim
#11790 EMI: Some text is split incorrectly new defect Engine: Grim
#11794 EMI: Lever of the stove in LUA bar misplaced new defect Engine: Grim
#11798 EMI: When using grease on mat at pegleg petes you have to face it from the right to be able to activate the use grease line new defect Engine: Grim
#11801 GRIM: Stuck in animaton - Second Year new defect Engine: Grim
#11804 GRIM: Issue with Toto new defect Engine: Grim
#11810 GRIM: Manny gets put into wrong animation state after giving glottis the vip ticket new defect Engine: Grim
#11822 EMI: Guybrush walks through tourist body new defect Engine: Grim
#11828 EMI: Missing subtitles by default in demo (french/german) new defect Engine: Grim
#11847 EMI: Animated sea surface texture looks clamped instead of repeated in set "shi" with TinyGL new defect Engine: Grim
#11881 MYST3: wrong texts on letters in Polish version new defect Engine: Myst3
#11889 STARK: No dedicated "listKnowledges" command new defect Engine: Stark
#11890 STARK: listLocations debug command should print actual location numbers, not file paths new defect Engine: Stark
#12007 SWORD2DEMO: Missing songs in Spanish Windows demo? new defect Engine: Sword2
#12019 ULTIMA8: Bentic talks to himself during conversation new defect Engine: Ultima
#12059 GRIM: Grim Fandango always overrides savegame path new defect Engine: Grim
#12178 EMI: Slight movement of the analogue joystick for short moment causes Guybrush to move indefinitely new defect Engine: Grim
#12302 ULTIMA4: Moongate remains on screen new defect Engine: Ultima
#12304 ULTIMA4: 2nd combat instance applies Quickness to all party members new dreammaster defect Engine: Ultima
#12316 Configurable quick buttons for the Android and IOS ports new feature request GUI
#12480 ULTIMA4:: sound FX loops new defect Engine: Ultima
#12481 ULTIMA4: Text Colorization does not work new defect Engine: Ultima
#12484 ULTIMA4: Dungeon Combat always skips the first character new defect Engine: Ultima
#12537 AUDIO: Support hardware OPL on Windows new feature request Audio
#12554 SCUMM: MM Amiga: Volume not changeable new defect Engine: SCUMM
#12565 PRIVATE: Casebook inaccesible new neuromancer feature request Engine: Private
#12597 3DS, MOHAWK: Checkerboard pattern on lower screen in non-video scenes new defect Engine: Mohawk
#12604 AGS: Maniac Mansion Mania (MMM) series keyboard shortcuts issues new defect Engine: AGS
#12674 CGE: Soltys demos are missing new defect Engine: CGE
#12778 Crusader: No Remorse - Num Pad Keys do not change with capslock new feature request Engine: Ultima
#12875 TWINE: rendering issues on the left side in 1920x1200 new defect Engine: TwinE
#12890 CLOUD: NextCloud Support new feature request Cloud
#12929 TOON: Idle animations do not loop new defect Engine: Toon
#12966 STARK: April spins around on right side of Mercury Theatre entrance scene new defect Engine: Stark
#12969 GRIM: Rendering difference with OpenGL with shaders new defect Engine: Grim
#12973 STARK: Dialogue line cut in half, stops reproducing new defect Engine: Stark
#13016 AGS: text appears in german Gemini Rue version that shouldn't be there new defect Engine: AGS
#13057 PORTS: ANDROID: Android load game screen distorted while downloading from Cloud new defect Port: Android
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