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GUI: "New save"-button state handling is broken.

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As a disclaimer this bug report is based on a memory of debugging the Cine engine's savegame handling. AFAIK the bug I encountered seemed to be in the ScummVM's general savegame handling UI code, not in the Cine engine's. That's why I made this bug report from #11625 ("CINE: OS: Game doesn't support more than 20 savegames (and conveys that information very poorly)"). So the following description is an extrapolation based on the debugging, I have NOT tried any other engine than the Cine engine in relation to this bug.

Just try any engine in ScummVM, make the maximum number of savegames supported by an engine and then open the ScummVM's own savegame handling UI in order to try to create a new savegame. The "New save"-button will never be grayed out as it should be when there are the maximum number of savegames already present.

Maybe for testing purposes it may be easy to modify the code of some engine to limit the maximum number of savegames it supports. Or using command line magic to duplicate savegames.

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Summary: UI: "New save"-button state handling is broken.GUI: "New save"-button state handling is broken.
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