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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#7979 fix for bug 581473 fingolfin patch normal GUI
#7985 Patch for sharp zaurus. patch normal Ports
#8001 SIMON2: Lockup workaround SF/ender patch normal Engine: AGOS
#8048 Dig GUI hack eriktorbjorn patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8137 MI1VGA: Possible scroll arrow fix fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8147 FT: missing sound effects (semi-working) patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8159 Aspect ratio (feature wish #654098) patch normal Graphics: Scalers
#8162 COMI lip sync patch (experimental) aquadran patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8168 CMI: Smush experiment (don't apply) patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8170 CMI: Possible fix for missing talk sounds regression SF/khalek patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8179 CMI: The actor placement bug (don't apply) fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8182 CMI: Actor scale experiment (don't apply) fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8187 Actor drawing hack fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8188 CMI: Possible fix for recent conversation regression aquadran patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8224 fix for very minor issue with advmame*x fingolfin patch normal Graphics: Scalers
#8230 Zak v2 runObjectScript patch fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8241 LOOM: Adlib sound SF/hoenicke patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8250 ALL: Enabling different aspect ratio correction methods eriktorbjorn patch normal Graphics
#8275 Win32 - search for .INI in program path first fingolfin patch normal Port: Win32
#8291 FOTAQ: Partial fix/hack for scroll timing joostp patch normal Engine: Queen
#8293 TOOLS: rescumm update fingolfin patch normal Tools
#8350 Savegame path (game settings) cannot be set in v0.6.1 fingolfin patch normal GUI
#8404 Reduce executable size on OSX by changing MT32 tables kingguppy patch normal Audio: MT32
#8433 fc4/gcc4/x86_64 fingolfin patch normal Port: Linux
#8472 Patch to make WinCE backend work with OPIE fingolfin patch normal Ports
#8474 2xPM scaler patch normal Graphics: Scalers
#8491 Experimental MikMod support sev- patch normal Audio
#8526 Patch for relocating scummvm.ini on NT systems Kirben patch normal Port: Win32
#8567 AdvMame4x and Normal4x patch normal Graphics: Scalers
#8578 new Edge3x/2x filter patch normal Graphics: Scalers
#8660 ARM: Inline assembly for saturated addition of sound SF/knakos patch normal Audio
#8665 TOOLS: Automatic compression batch file for Windows Kirben patch normal Tools
#8695 Support for translation prototype sev- patch normal GUI: Translations
#8699 GUI: Blur dialog shading lordhoto patch normal GUI
#8711 backends lib patches sev- patch normal --Other--
#8714 FBPACK: Don't Use Japanese Charset Kirben patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#8725 Device build tweak fingolfin patch normal Port: WinCE
#8737 TOOLS: Fixes to let them build on AmigaOS4 fingolfin patch normal Port: AmigaOS4
#8748 ScummVM icon - shadow fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#8754 MAIN.CPP Patch for ~ on Linux/Unix systems fingolfin patch normal Port: Linux
#8784 CinE savegame fix sev- patch normal Engine: Cine
#8792 Arbitrary scale rate scaler sev- patch normal Graphics: Scalers
#8852 KYRA: MT-32 support lordhoto patch normal Engine: Kyra
#8865 RTZ: Add Sega Saturn Version SF/mthreepwood patch normal Engine: MADE
#8877 ConfigManager rewrite fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#9016 Update of posix-fs to the latest class and member name sev- patch normal --Other--
#9024 GSOC09: bytecode registration proof of concept fingolfin patch normal --Other--
#9027 GSOC09 extraction tool patch SF/remere patch normal Tools
#9056 Midi device selection through commandline in windows athrxx patch normal Port: Win32
#9085 SCI: Removing string fragments fingolfin patch normal Engine: SCI
#9089 descumm: fix extra/missing closing parenthesis fingolfin patch normal Tools
#9133 Tools: workaround for make 3.80 bug sev- patch normal Tools
#9238 MMC64: use stamps with envelope Kirben patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#9247 SWORD25: Theora audio/video sync (WIP) eriktorbjorn patch normal Engine: Sword25
#9267 WIN: Jump list support in Windows 7 sev- patch normal Port: Win32
#9286 MACOSX: Add Sparkle support sev- patch normal Port: Mac OS X
#9289 SCUMM: Apple-II speaker support bluegr patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#9359 Tools: Fix configure with updated MinGW g++ lordhoto patch normal Tools
#9374 Tools: compress_sci "Pharkas Fixup" incorrect patch normal Tools
#9410 Update iOS project to build against master 1.4.0 branch patch normal Port: iOS
#9414 reverse iterators for Common::List bluegr patch normal --Other--
#9483 SCUMM: Revert commit that causes CoMI to crash on startup Kirben patch normal Engine: SCUMM
#9494 New symbian project files anotherguest patch normal Port: Symbian
#9532 SAGA: IHNM checksums - German fan translation sev- patch normal Engine: SAGA
#9621 1.9.0 android can't add games for non-rooted android systems dafioram defect normal Port: Android
#9622 Android functionality problems dafioram defect normal Port: Android
#9623 Mouse capture causes cursor to jump erratically rootfather defect normal GUI
#9704 WME: Reversion 1+2 Font issues with installed font lolbot-iichan defect normal Engine: Wintermute
#9707 AGI: PQ1 - Segfault during restore via GMM at cards game m-kiewitz defect normal Engine: AGI
#9757 SCI: Access uninitialised memory in games with digital sound effects defect normal Engine: SCI
#9823 SCI: KQ7: Mysterious Device doesn't charge, initially dafioram defect normal Engine: SCI
#9834 SCI: DEBUGGER: bpx/bpw/bpr pattern matching limited wjp defect normal Engine: SCI
#9863 Beavis and butthead video problems digitall defect normal Engine: BBVS
#9883 TITANIC: Voice too quiet when parrot eating pistachios dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic
#9967 SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) shows no graphics in windowed mode (OpenGL/RGB555) athrxx defect normal Graphics
#9968 GUI: Selecting fullscreen mode inconsistency tag2015 defect normal GUI
#9991 BACKENDS: Gamecube - Wrong colors regression sev- defect normal Port: GameCube
#10004 BACKENDS: Android - Virt Keyboard modifier keys inconsistent after reopening keypad antoniou79 defect normal Port: Android
#10120 TITANIC: Doorbot appears in-front of parrot room dreammaster defect normal Engine: Titanic
#10133 MOHAWK: Riven: Please add a 'Prompt to Save' feature to the game. macca8 feature request normal Engine: Mohawk
#10205 SCI: SCI Quest fan game crashes on start bluegr defect normal Engine: SCI
#10306 incorrect font in status window. digitall defect normal GUI
#10385 Language SPANISH, not English: Tony Tough dreammaster feature request normal Engine: Tony
#10386 Spanish Return to ringworld dreammaster feature request normal Engine: TsAGE
#10387 English detected: Rex Nebular dreammaster feature request normal Engine: MADS
#10400 BACKENDS: Linux - Ubuntu port is missing FluidSynth lephilousophe defect normal Port: Linux
#10428 BACKENDS: Android - SCUMMVM 2.0 does not start on ACER ICONIA TAB lephilousophe defect normal Port: Android
#10431 SCI: Shivers: Access Violation rendering picture under RetroPie dafioram defect normal Engine: SCI
#10584 SCI: LSL 7 - Background animation slows down (when inventory window is open) raziel- defect normal Engine: SCI
#10586 MOHAWK: MYST: Focus issues with Gamebar enabled on Windows 10 lotharsm defect normal Port: Win32
#10587 BACKENDS: WIN32 - Launching (Myst) via .cmd file with OpenGL and Fullscreen fails on HiDPI displays lotharsm defect normal Port: Win32
#10612 WEB: Remove check boxes from homepage in Chrome dafioram defect normal Web
#10623 RIVEN: Missing page and other issue bgK defect normal Engine: Mohawk
#10648 BACKENDS: NDS - Acekard 2i crash sev- defect normal Port: NDS
#10652 BASE: Errors sev- defect normal --Other--
#10673 Build: DWP fails when compiling bladerunner dafioram defect normal Engine: Bladerunner
#10688 SCUMM: Indy3 (EGA) - Incorrect sprite ordering in the catacombs AndywinXp defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#10927 SCI: KQ6 - MIDI playback broken (by interrupting a scene) raziel- defect normal Audio
#10962 BACKENDS: AMIGAOS: Configuring with -flto errors out on finding a suitable compiler (AmigaOS4) raziel- defect normal Common
#11188 Drascula Russian Packet sev- defect normal Engine: Drascula
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