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SCI: KQ6 - MIDI playback broken (by interrupting a scene)

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Priority: normal Component: Audio
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Game: King's Quest 6


ScummVM 2.1.0git (Mar 29 2019 07:32:32)
Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib MPEG2 Theora AAC FreeType2 JPEG PNG cloud (servers, local)

There is a bug in the MIDI handling when one breaks certain animations where MIDI is playing, but the player
should *not* have access or the means to break the scene. (At least not in the original interpreter)

Load the attached save state (Standing on the beach on the Isle of the Beast)

  • Use the magic map
  • Choose the Isle of Mist and let the druids drag you to their bonfire

Once in the cage with the animation and MIDI music playing, press CTRL+F5 and load any other save

From this point on, all MIDI music will be broken in a way that notes from the interrupted Druids music (and
even some parts of the speech, but only as long as they are finished) will play along parallel to the actual (new) scene music.
Because of it's bugged nature, those interrupted notes play completely wrong. They screech and scream
on playback and are generally sounding far off to the original, as if they were played with wrong or broken
playback information. (Probably playing with the information of the actual scene MIDI and as such wrong)

Most notably in the scene where the Book and Pawnshop is (just go there to see what it sounds like)

Another problem is, but that may be my hardware, that these interrupted notes are *not* erased or rectified
by any means other than closing down ScummVM completely.
Respectively the MIDI hardware seems to be not informed on scene changes (or so it looks like), load of other save games or even closing down the game and restarting it from launcher.

One *has* to at least shut down ScummVM and restart it to get rid of it.
(A reboot of the MIDI hardware -while ScummVM still runs- does also not help, but this again may be my hardware as i´m using an USB adapter and that one still displays the -wrong- notes playing through it´s LED)

If more information or tests are necessary, please let me know.

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (CD/Windows/English)
(but more games could be affected)

AmigaOS4 - SDL - PPC - BE
gcc (adtools build 8.3.0) 8.3.0
Yamaha MU90 with an Edirol USB Midi adapter

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kq6-cd-win.040 (44.6 KB ) - added by raziel- 10 months ago.
kq6-cd-win.061 (40.4 KB ) - added by raziel- 10 months ago.
kq6-cd-win.054 (39.1 KB ) - added by raziel- 10 months ago.
Just beore Jollo´s room

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by raziel-, 10 months ago

Attachment: kq6-cd-win.040 added

comment:1 by raziel-, 10 months ago

The same happens in the final scenes in the castle, though one doesn't need to interrupt anything.
Especially when one is in Jollo's room the MIDI notes start to go bezerk and it keeps it that way until the final part.

Also the volume setting isn't been obeyed, the music plays at max volume making it hard to understand the speech in the marriage scene.

And finally there is a hanging note at the end of the game playing all the way through the epilogue, this only gets cured by returning to launcher

I'll attach another save game, but i fear the broken MIDI is already in there.
If an earlier save is needed, just shout

by raziel-, 10 months ago

Attachment: kq6-cd-win.061 added

comment:2 by raziel-, 10 months ago

Summary: SCI: KQ6 - MIDI playback broken by interrupting a sceneSCI: KQ6 - MIDI playback broken (by interrupting a scene)

by raziel-, 10 months ago

Attachment: kq6-cd-win.054 added

Just beore Jollo´s room

comment:3 by raziel-, 10 months ago

I added another save, just beore Jollo´s room.
In this save everything is fine, MIDI is playing correctly.

Once entered and interacted with Jollo, MIDI starts to go nuts

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