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Android: Virt Keyboard modifier keys inconsistent after reopening keypad

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Scummvm: (june 25)
Tested on: Nexus 5X 7.0 and TF201 4.1.1

If you open the virtual keyboard and hit on of the modifier keys like alt then it will show a green light that it is on and it works as intended.

However, if you have turned on the alt key and now closed the keypad and reopened it then the alt key will not have a green light, but it will still act like it is active. So it will show the alt light off, but i can still take a scrrenshot by hitting "s". This is for keys that have lights when they are active.

I have tested this for the alt, shift, and ctrl key modifiers.

I would prefer that the keypad modifiers all be inactive when the keypad is reopened.

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