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Actor drawing hack

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I was hoping to do this differently, so it probably shouldn't be applied right away, but for now here's the hacky version:

We have a problem with actor drawing and camera movement. When the camera moves, we call redrawBGAreas(). This will mark the parts of the screen that scrolled into view as dirty which should - in theory - be enough to cause all actors in these areas to be redrawn.

Problem is, when we draw actors we only set usage for the strips that are actually in view. So if an actor scrolls into view, he won't be drawn - not until he moves anyway - since ScummVM doesn't realize the actor is in a dirtied part of the screen.

In most cases this isn't a problem, because actors are moving more-or-less constantly. But at least in CMI there are some actors where it's very noticeable. Kenny, for instance. If you enter the town from the right and walk towards his booth, there's a good chance that it will appear to be empty at first.

Once he has been drawn, scrolling him on/off screen will work just fine. I believe this is because we also only clear usage bits for strips that are in view.

I can see two possible solutions: Either we mark all actors in the room for redraw when the camera moves, like this patch does. This is very simple to implement, and should be a completely safe thing to do. Still, it doess seem like a hack to me.

Or we could set usage bits for off-screen strips. This could be done from drawCostume(), if the information about which strips the actor occupies was readily available. Right now it doesn't seem to be. Just checking _actorX and _width isn't quite enough since you also have to take mirroring etc. into account. So this is harder to implement, and I'm not entirely sure whether or not it'd actually work.

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by eriktorbjorn, 21 years ago

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Patch against a March 7 CVS snapshot

comment:1 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Hum. Also refer to my code in actor.cpp, around line 1040. I added that code to model the behaviour in the "old" drawing code around line 1002. It fixed various redraw issues, and possibly also the one you are trying to fix here, but apparently caused issues in The Dig ?!

comment:2 by eriktorbjorn, 21 years ago

It does seem to fix that bug, yes, but as you say it causes problems in The Dig. Apparently one of the reasons for this - perhaps the only reason - is that The Dig uses the "wait until actor drawn" opcode, and with your change it's much less likely that a->needRedraw will be false.

comment:3 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Yes, the code is obviously incorrect, as it draws *whenever* a draw happened - far far too often,

However, it would be trivial to change the akos drawCostume to only return true if clipping occured (similiar to how the classic drawCostume only sets bit 1 if clipping occured).

Of course, I am not really sure if this is what we should do. I guess if the original code was doing this, it would be visible in our code, too, wouldn't it?

comment:4 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

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comment:5 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

I revised my original "hack" in actor.cpp, when calling drawCostume. It should now work exactly as for the old costume code, provided akos codec 1 is used - that is, off-screen / partially visible actors will be marked as dirty.

This fixes actor draw problems in COMI for me (e.g. the chickens in the fortress are a good way to test it; didn't yet test the other cases you mentioned, erik, maybe you could do that), and talking in The Dig still works, too.

comment:6 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

The issue covered by my bug seems to be fixed by my AKOS/actor changes.

comment:7 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

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comment:8 by digitall, 6 years ago

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