23:15 Ticket #12868 (Unknown game variant for ags (Primordia)) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Thanks for the report
23:04 Ticket #12864 (AGS: Crash making in-game saves in Strangeland) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Everything should be sorted out now.
21:59 Ticket #12878 (Web: Wiki uses wrong links for AGS games) closed by criezy
fixed: Thanks the links are fixed. We still need to create pages for the AGS …
21:20 Ticket #12812 (CINE: Unknown game variant for Operation Stealth, Amiga OCS Italian.) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed
21:19 Ticket #11687 (CINE: OS: Space missing in verb line) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed.
21:19 Ticket #11708 (CINE: OS (Atari ST/German) - Dialogue window overflow) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed.
21:19 Ticket #11723 (CINE: OS: Crash in Secret Base) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed.
20:42 Ticket #12898 (AGS: A Golden Wake: Pathfinding differences in a few scenes) created by TrivialBalderdash
There are a few scenes in the game that have pathfinding differences …
13:52 Ticket #12896 (AGS: Can't delete savegames) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. Deleting savegames was indeed not working for any AGS …
11:50 Ticket #12897 (AGS: Save files inconsistency) created by tag2015
Using scummvm save/load dialog, save files are named <gamename>.### …
10:50 Ticket #12896 (AGS: Can't delete savegames) created by tag2015
On all the AGS games I have tried, it is not possibile to delete …
10:05 Ticket #12895 (GLK: ZCODE - Unknown game variants) created by raziel-
Some more new additions to ifarchive.org "UMW", "UMW" { "UMW.z8", …


19:52 Ticket #12023 (Web Wiki: remove "out of scope" statements) closed by sev-
fixed: Thank you, fixed. Part of the titles remains out of scope because …
19:29 Ticket #12877 (BURIED: Volume controls other than "Mute All" do not work) closed by NMIError
fixed: Volume control has been added. Due to the nature of the sound code …
14:54 Ticket #12894 (WEB: Toonstruck compatibility rating should probably be downgraded ...) created by eriktorbjorn
The compatibility page currently lists Toonstruck as "Excellent" with …
12:06 Ticket #12893 (TWINE: rendering artifacts for 3d models) created by mgerhardy
09:06 Ticket #12892 (WEB: No compatibility page for Private Eye) created by eriktorbjorn
I was looking for the compatibility page for Private Eye. There is a …
05:12 Ticket #12891 (BURIED: Add a "skip cutscenes" setting) created by Thunderforge
Buried in Time has some cutscenes that can go for quite some time …
04:55 Ticket #12890 (CLOUD: NextCloud Support) created by nickkeane
Integrated NextCloud support would be great as many people don't like …
03:58 Ticket #12889 (BURIED: Add savestate metadata support) created by Thunderforge
I would like to request that the BURIED engine add …
03:48 Ticket #12888 (BURIED: Loading a save created during the password sequence restarts ...) created by Thunderforge
If you create a save when Agent 3 captures you and you have to input a …
02:18 Ticket #12887 (BURIED: HUD messages don't clear when moving forward) created by Thunderforge
In the original game, moving forward clears the HUD message. In …
01:34 Ticket #12886 (BURIED: Time still passes during final puzzle even when the game is paused) created by Thunderforge
During the final puzzle (in the Krynn habitat when the ambassador puts …
00:12 Ticket #12885 (BURIED: Cutscene for opening door to Da Vinci's study plays every time ...) created by Thunderforge
When the door to Da Vinci's study (at the top of the second tower) is …


22:41 Ticket #12884 (The Journeyman Project 2 - Buried in Time (German Retail 3CD Version)) created by gabberhead
I Have the Daily Build Version of ScummVM from 02.09.2021. I can add …
20:40 Ticket #5894 (SCUMM: Dig - Audio pops between (in)scene changes) closed by athrxx
20:40 Ticket #6285 (KYRA: HOF - Faun disappears/reappears at the end of the intro) closed by athrxx
20:39 Ticket #9967 (SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) shows no graphics in windowed mode ...) closed by athrxx
20:25 Ticket #12883 (TOON: Add support for English demo version) created by NMIError
The English demo version has some differences compared to other …
16:41 Ticket #12760 (BACKENDS: 3DS: Significant regression // All games broken) closed by MarioKartFan
12:51 Ticket #7098 (LURE: Adlib support broken/incomplete) closed by NMIError
05:39 Ticket #12882 (WII: scummvm always returns to system menu on exit) created by eku
Since commit d40d84e scummvm always returns to system menu on exit. …
05:36 Ticket #12881 (BURIED: No Research points awarded for examining Biochip - Files) created by Thunderforge
According to three different walkthroughs …


23:53 Ticket #12880 (ULTIMA8: REMORSE: Ammo should be consumed in higher difficulty levels) created by mduggan
Currently ammo for the basic weapon is unlimited in all difficulty …
23:32 Ticket #12879 (the trash can is invisible in the Mercury Cinema location) created by d0verenny
scummvm v 2.4.0git62-g36d395b2d1 (Sep 1 2021 05:16:42) Language of …
19:56 Ticket #12853 (STARK: Black screen with artifacts when closing a ScummVM msgbox or ...) closed by aquadran
17:25 Ticket #12878 (Web: Wiki uses wrong links for AGS games) created by lwcorp
Most links in https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=AGS/Games are …
15:33 Ticket #12877 (BURIED: Volume controls other than "Mute All" do not work) created by Thunderforge
The only volume control that affects Buried in Time is "Mute All". I …
08:44 Ticket #12876 (TWINE: highres mode doesn't center on desired scene position for the ...) created by mgerhardy
07:13 Ticket #12875 (TWINE: rendering issues on the left side in 1920x1200) created by mgerhardy
00:21 Ticket #12874 (INCA 1 Compatibility) created by Agent-G245
I have the original CD of Inca 1, but ScummVM does not list it as any …


21:35 Ticket #12852 (CGE2: Random crash with sound thread accessing freed memory) closed by NMIError
fixed: I just pushed a commit which should fix this problem. I cannot …
16:50 Ticket #12870 (AGS - Starting 2 AGS games in succession causes crash) closed by criezy
fixed: Thanks. This is now fixed. Note: You do not need to set the "Always …
10:45 Ticket #12873 (DIRECTOR: L-ZONE: Movie not found) created by angstsmurf
L-ZONE (Windows/English): Trying to leave the controls at the first …
10:40 Ticket #12872 (DIRECTOR: L-ZONE Infocity logo wrong palette) created by angstsmurf
L-ZONE (Windows/English): Colors in the initial Infocity logo are …
10:13 Ticket #12871 (AGS: Animation slow in Maniac Mansion Deluxe) created by OzzieMonkey
The game's animation is much slower than the original, particularly …
08:07 Ticket #12673 (ASYLUM: Demo crashes on startup) closed by alxpnv
06:56 Ticket #12842 (TWINE: model is sliding when idling) closed by mgerhardy
05:14 Ticket #12861 (TWINE: Polygons more visible than they should be (no smoothing)) closed by mgerhardy
04:13 Ticket #12870 (AGS - Starting 2 AGS games in succession causes crash) created by Arjak89
If the Misc option "Always return to the launcher when leaving a game" …
04:00 Ticket #12869 (AGS: 5daysastranger - saved game names retain first letter only) created by Arjak89
When saving in 5 Days a Stranger, only the first letter of the name is …
03:09 Ticket #12836 (AGS: Segfault when starting up Dead Dimension) closed by Thunderforge


21:27 Ticket #12681 (PETKA: Demo crashes on startup) closed by sev-
21:21 Ticket #12868 (Unknown game variant for ags (Primordia)) created by laenion
The game in 'app' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please report …
21:15 Ticket #10644 (SCUMM: MI 1+2 (Ultimate Talkie Patch) - preferences keyboard controls ...) closed by sev-
fixed: The pull request has been merged. The issue is fixed.
20:41 Ticket #12081 (TOON: Toonstruck Demo doesn't start with script error) closed by NMIError
fixed: I just pushed a few fixes for the Toonstruck demo. I don't think it …
16:23 Ticket #12420 (SCUMM: Broken window and coat missing from Indy's office) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed by the aforementioned PR, which has been merged now Closing
12:52 Ticket #12867 (AGS: Flashlight in Maniac Mansion Deluxe still glitchy) created by tag2015
When turned off, instead of disappearing the flashlight halo turns …
12:50 Ticket #12844 (TWINE: Save Game handling seriously buggy) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: Thanks a lot
12:24 Ticket #12712 (STARTREK missing file for German and French version) closed by bluegr
fixed: The non-English versions have junk characters in some resource files, …
08:21 Ticket #12866 (GLK: Comprehend: Missing strings in Transylvania (V2)) created by eriktorbjorn
Transylvania (V2) starts and seems to run, but there are missing …
03:21 Ticket #12845 (GUI: AUTOSAVE OPTION: Enabling Autosave displays warning when no ...) closed by macca8
fixed: Thank you. Issue resolved. Closing.
01:34 Ticket #12865 (MYST3: Unknown game variant for myst3) created by Slotherby
The game in 'Exile\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
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