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KYRA: HOF - Faun disappears/reappears at the end of the intro

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Current ScummVM snapshot English talkie version of the game

At the very end of the intro, when Faun is walking towards the door to Zanthia's house, he disappears, and then reappears a little while later.

The problem only seems to happen when subtitles are enabled, so I guess it's timing-sensitive. There is more delay between lines of speech when subtitles are enabled. In fact, I get the feeling that the lines go by a little too fast without subtitles, because the intro ended before the musical sting that's supposed to play when Zanthia discovers her house has been ransacked. (And with subtitles, the sting happens before she enters the house. It would probably be a good idea to compare the behavior to DOSBox.)

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Component: Engine: Kyra
Game: Kyrandia 2

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Summary: KYRA2: Faun disappears/reappears at the end of the introKYRA: HOF - Faun disappears/reappears at the end of the intro
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