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MYST3: Unknown game variant for myst3

Reported by: Slotherby Owned by: aquadran
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Myst3
Version: Keywords: unknown-game
Cc: Slotherby Game: Myst 3: Exile


The game in 'Exile\' seems to be an unknown game variant.

Please report the following data to the ScummVM team at along with the name of the game you tried to add and its version, language, etc.:

Matched game IDs for the myst3 engine: myst3-win

{"RSRC.m3r", 0, "a2c8ed69800f60bf5667e5c76a88e481", 1223862},
{"ENGLISH.m3t", 0, "19dcba1074f235ec2119313242d891de", 5658925},

Original 4 CD Version for Windows and Macintosh of Myst3 - CD code: 610427-FL

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comment:1 by Slotherby, 3 years ago

Myst III: Exile (tm)
Version 1.0 for Window 95 / 98 / ME and Mac OS 8.1 or greater.
April 6, 2001

comment:2 by Slotherby, 3 years ago

ScummVM 2.3.0pre6-ge4c62ef9ee

comment:3 by Slotherby, 3 years ago

In a previous ticket #11950 "Okay, closing this due to a lack of information. The md5s for the files do match, but more *.m3u files are required for the complete detection.

However I have scanned through all the files from the CDs and there are no *.m3u files.

comment:4 by macca8, 3 years ago

I'm successfully running the same 4-CD version of Myst 3 on macOS using ScummVM.

This version is already listed in the detection entries. It's just that your version needs to be updated to v1.22 before the game is added to ScummVM (this version is incompatible without applying the patch).

Refer ScummVM's Myst 3 wiki page for details, and this link to download the appropriate patch (note that only the windows version is available).

In particular, please note that the ENGLISH.m3t file (in M3Data/TEXT/) needs to be replaced with the updated version available from the patch. Also note that the M3Data folder, which contains the TEXT folder, is hidden by default on Disk 1.

For reference, these are the checksums for the old & new ENGLISH.m3t files:
Original: 19dcba1074f235ec2119313242d891de
Replacement: 3ca92b097c4319a2ace7fd6e911d6b0f

comment:5 by Slotherby, 3 years ago

Thanks macca8.

After a bit of experimentation I was able to get it running. The setup required a bit more than Riven and what the wiki suggests. You can't just copy the files from the CDs into a folder on the computer as then you can't apply the patch.

What I had to do:
1) Install Myst3 on my computer using the full option.
2) Apply the patch (including the requirement to accept the replacing of the ENGLISH.m3t file)
3) Create a entirely new folder on computer (eg C:\Myst3\ with the two subdirectories \Data & \M3Data
4) Copy the *.m3a files from the separate install Disk directories to the new \Data directory
5) Copy the contents of the install \M3Data directory into the new \M3Data directory
6) You can then uninstall the program and patch from your computer
7) Download a version of ScummVM from the daily builds as it needs to be greater than V2.2

If you don't copy the files from the install directories to a new folder then you will get an 'unable to read file' error. Not sure why!

comment:6 by sev-, 3 years ago

Summary: Unknown game variant for myst3MYST3: Unknown game variant for myst3

comment:7 by macca8, 3 years ago

Commit b130e3207 was recently posted to master, which now detects this version as the original v1.0 US (English only) release, and informs the user that this version is unsupported and requires the official patch to be applied.

comment:8 by dgasaway, 2 years ago

For others that land here: Unfortunately, the commit isn't in the 2.5.1 release, so people (like me) will still get the "unknown game variant" dialog for now.

comment:9 by aquadran, 2 years ago

Owner: set to aquadran
Resolution: fixed
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the change will be available also in 2.6 release.

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