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WII: scummvm always returns to system menu on exit

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Since commit d40d84e scummvm always returns to system menu on exit. Unfortunately, the commit message does not state which bug it is intended to fix.

I use WiiFlow Lite to manage and launch games on the WII. All other components (homebrew, emulators, etc.) work in such a way that when they are closed, WiiFlow Lite is started again via a stub im memory.

This is quite annoying when launching ScummVM from HBC or another launcher (WiiFlow Lite). After all, that's exactly where you want to return to when ScummVM exits.

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comment:1 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

If you use ScummVM e.g. via the Homebrew Channel or the ScummVM Forwarder Channel, the screen remains black when you exit ScummVM. Returning to the main menu is the best solution in my opinion.

This ticket collides with the following fixed bug:

by eku, 3 years ago

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comment:2 by eku, 3 years ago

Hello Alexander,

the provided test build already crashes on startup no matter which game the loader provied as argument. See attached foto.

comment:3 by eku, 3 years ago

Is there anything else I can do to move the issue forward?

comment:4 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

I've tested and debugged a lot. At the moment I cannot isolate the problem. It has nothing to do with a new version of the development environment or its dependencies. It also has nothing to do with changes to the WII port. I am still working on it, but there is currently no other solution to the problem.

comment:5 by eku, 3 years ago

Regarding the black screen when exiting, I suspect the newlib in recent DevkitPPC.
I don't think scummvm does that even if the code is also a bit altered.

Here, it may have to do with the getcwd condition in [main.cpp|] that fails to interpret wiiflow arguments... Returning to home menu is not a solution.

See Genesis-Plus-GX similar issue and possible fixes: [ekeeke/Genesis-Plus-GX#357(comment)|].

comment:6 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

@eku: You are right, apparently the problem is caused by a change to the Newlib. Can you please test the following build?

comment:7 by eku, 3 years ago

Perfect. The version starts cleanly and also returns to the loader, which is WiiFlow Lite for me. That's how it has to be.

Then my guess was right and the jump to the system menu was just a symptom correction. All's well that ends well.

Please enter a reference to the commit of the correction here so that I can check from which Nightly the correction is included.

Thank you very much.

comment:8 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

The newer DevKitPPC versions have also exposed other problems that I have to analyze and fix. A corresponding patch may still take a while. I will compile the upcoming release of ScummVM 2.5.0 with my older development environment, as these problems do not arise there. I'll keep you updated in this ticket ...

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comment:9 by eku, 3 years ago

Hello Alexander

How are you getting on with adapting to the new version of devKitPro? Can you already give a date for the release?

comment:10 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

We haven't found a solution yet. The problem you reported is just the tip of the iceberg. However, you can use the official ScummVM Release 2.5.0 from the project homepage.

comment:11 by eku, 3 years ago

However, you can use the official ScummVM Release 2.5.0 from the project homepage.

No, that one returns to Wii's System Menu. That's what this issue is about.

comment:12 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

It definitely works. Did you really use the download from the following website?

comment:13 by eku, 3 years ago

How can this work if this line is still in? It still returns to system menu and not to the loader.

comment:14 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

Because I commented out this line for the release. I also didn't compile the release with the same environment as the Buildbot. Maybe you just try it out?

comment:15 by eku, 3 years ago

I'm sorry, but I didn't know that. I only looked at the commits. In fact, this version 2.5 returns to the loader.

So far so good. But now I'm stuck with version 2.5. So far I have always used the daily snapshots. Are the instructiones still correct? Are the additional libraries described on compiling ScummVM included in the container?

comment:16 by AReim1982, 3 years ago

Yes, the instructions should be correct. But only if you want to use a current version of the development environment. This will create a relatively unstable ScummVM. According to the current status, you should have a version of the DevKitPPC less than or equal to R30. You could use my DevKitPPC R28 and my old instructions:

If you decide for the new version of DevKitPPC, then you could at least help eliminate bugs... ;-)

comment:17 by eku, 2 years ago

Are you still working on this issue?

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