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GLK: Comprehend: Missing strings in Transylvania (V2)

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Transylvania (V2) starts and seems to run, but there are missing strings, e.g. in the first room:


From what I can make out, the "82" prefix means that the string is stored in the _strings2 table. See ComprehendGame::stringLookup().

Unfortunately, for this game that table is empty. For Oo-Topos, it's loaded from the NOVEL.EXE file. See the OOToposGame constructor. I'm speculating that something similar is needed for TransylvaniaGame2, but since the string tables are encrypted I lack the necessary knowledge to test that.

Is this version of the game not yet supported? If so, it would be nice if that was made clear to the user now that a new release is imminent, and Transylvania is listed as one of the supported games.

The game can be found on the Polarware web site at

The older version can be found at the IF Archive,

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comment:1 by eriktorbjorn, 3 years ago

To partially answer my own question, it's hidden away in the Wiki that this version of Transylvania is not yet supported:

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