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#5724 MD5: MOHAWK: LB - Various missing games (chacksums included) new detection fuzzie defect high
#14497 BACKENDS: PSP: Crash on Start since 2.7.0 new crash on start defect high
#6144 TEENAGENT: Polish CD (Nowy) Version Issue new detection digitall defect normal
#6942 SCUMM: Game variants fail to match demos correctly new detection defect normal
#10546 BACKENDS: Android - Destruction Derby not completable in Full Throttle new Android, controls, minigame, keymapper defect normal
#10979 Feature Request: Text box above virtual keyboard for Starship Titanic and other games new feature request virtual keyboard obstruction feature request normal
#11075 BACKENDS: Get rid of the hideous and slow stretch200To240 function for surface SDL backend new aspect correction SDL feature request normal
#11076 BACKENDS: SDL1/2 - Aspect ratio correction doesn't work in Dreamweb new aspect correction SDL defect normal
#11181 ZVISION Audio is clipping new zork zvision audio clipping defect normal
#11355 PARALLACTION: Nippon Safes (Amiga/DOS) - intro reset new bug loop prison entrance intro defect normal
#11360 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD) - scrolling should be smooth (also a special cursor while loading data) new monkey island, scrolling, cursor, segacd, mi1 defect normal
#11367 WEB: I18N and punctuation improvements pending web, I18N, internacionalization, translation IlDucci feature request normal
#11419 SCI: QfG3 - losing local money with the money exchanger new money defect normal
#11598 GOB3: French version works incorrectly new unrecognized version French, Italian, Spanish defect normal
#11715 AUDIO: Games crash on launch with FluidSynth and no soundfont new soundfont, FluidSynth, crash, Loom, Beneath a Steel Sky defect normal
#11940 Add both Traditional and Simplified Chinese support for Escape From Monkey Island. new Localization feature request normal
#11971 SCUMM: MANIAC/ZAK C64: GUI & dialog text are incorrectly positioned on screen, and cursor is improperly layered new maniac mansion, zak mckracken, maniac, zak, text, dialog, cursor, c64, commodore 64 defect normal
#12717 ILLUSIONS: Duckman: SIGSEGV in startMoveActor() when clicking too early in the first scene new illusions,duckman,crash,actor,cursor defect normal
#12818 COMPOSER: Magic Tales: The Princess and the Crab regression new Regression defect normal
#13014 SCUMM: Monkey Island EGA: MT32 episode presentation music loops where it shouldn't new MT32, music, loop, monkey, ega defect normal
#13107 SCUMM: MM (NES-EU-ES) - Last letters retained in screen/missing letters new Maniac Mansion NES, Text artifacts, Clear screen, Letters defect normal
#13177 TWINE: Tank is stuck new collision-detection mgerhardy defect normal
#13231 TOLTECS: Demo fails to load adlib timbre file new detection defect normal
#13239 ScummVM Classic Theme: Translation into other languages. new Classic theme, translation, languages, update feature request normal
#13240 Improvement of subtitle visualization. new Subtitle, visualization, small screens, option feature request normal
#13241 GUI: Interface requires improvements for small resolutions. new Interface, small screens, blurred letters, abbreviation, language, error, adaptation, scroll bar defect normal
#13281 ULTIMA: Crusader No Regret, Crusader No Remorse, Ultima VIII are added by the Launcher twice in mass add new detection defect normal
#13285 MORTEVIELLE: Mortevielle Mansion was added thrice by the Launcher but one is duplicated with mass add new detection defect normal
#13287 TOON: Toonstruck is added twice by the launcher with mass add new detection defect normal
#13289 ZVISION: Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands (DOS/English) is added thrice with mass add new detection defect normal
#13355 Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI new Screenshots, Mouse, Mouse Capture, Paths, GUI, Options, Settings feature request normal
#13467 Built in Point & Click Support for GRIM Games new Mouse Controls, EMI, Mod feature request normal
#13480 AGS: Support existing (Spanish) Fan Translations for AGDI (KQ2/KQ3/AlEmmo) and Infamous (SQ2) new Translations, AGS, King Quest, Al Emmo, Space Quest feature request normal
#13502 TOON: Demo is missing a short animation from first screen new demo, cutscene, animation short defect normal
#13544 TOON: Flux does not stop dancing when used on Cabinet new animation, Flux, cabinet defect normal
#13731 TWINE: The movement of the meca penguin is different from dos version new collision-detection defect normal
#13839 TOLTECS: Possible Unknown Variant of 3 Skulls of the Toltecs (CD DOS) new detection defect normal
#13893 SAGA: ITE - Bird animation bug outside Dog Castle if you load save at that location. new animation defect normal
#13911 Gracefully handle multiple controllers new controller, gamepad feature request normal
#13941 AGS: Heroine's Quest font rendering issue new font;Heroine's;Quest defect normal
#14011 ULTIMA8: Optional stacks automerging new keyboard modifier ergonomics feature request normal
#14174 When installed via "make dist-generic", theme folder isn't automatically found unless supported by backend new data,configure lephilousophe defect normal
#14175 Support for Atari ST mono rendering new atari,mono,scumm,sci feature request normal
#14423 ANDROID: Add a note or tip in the BACKEND tab about the Virtual Keyboard new Keyboard, Virtual Keyboard, Android, on demand feature request normal
#14445 GRAPHICS: libTAS crashes SCI with fullscreen video new LibTAS OpenGL GLXBadContext defect normal
#14450 Mass add duplicates languages in myst 3 dvd new detection defect normal
#14530 BACKENDS: SDL2: Regression with software mode new window/fullscreen switch, launcher, SDL2 , regression defect normal
#14594 TONY: Tony Tough issues/crash on MacOS new tonytough defect normal
#14623 BACKENDS: iOS: Games and config being lost new iOS config defect normal
#14729 Newer updated signatures get games blocked until a new ScummVM is released new signature,signatures,detection_tables feature request normal
#14778 TWINE: Some in-game options are being translated to ??? new translation, broken, menu, options defect normal
#14803 SWORD2: Error during intro cutscene (Spanish Playstation version) new broken sword spanish playstation ps1 psx error crash defect normal
#14853 COMMON: Rework path handling causes performance regression new performance,regression defect normal
#14883 ANDROID: Cursor position is not adjusted when virtual keyboard is shown/hidden new orientation, virtual keyboard, toggle, pointer position defect normal
#14922 VCRUISE: Schizm: low performance when playing directly from the DVD new Single 2 sided DVD side 1 (also tried one folder deeper) elasota defect normal
#15007 Cruise for a Corpse RUSSIAN v1.0 (OLD-GAMES.RU fan translation) new Cruise for a Corpse RUSSIAN translation patch normal
#15030 SCUMM: LOOM (EGA): font drop shadow changes over animation & unique drop shadows in certain scenes are not implemented new fonts defect normal
#15040 SCUMM: Loom (TG16) - Inaccurate text centering and font drop shadows new fonts defect normal
#15104 ULTIMA8: Option to disable the turning animations when turning the Avatar around new turn, quickturn, animation feature request normal
#15139 Implement engine for Media Station, Inc. games new engine engine-skeleton unknown-game feature request normal
#15149 PINK: Hokus Pokus Pink game crashes right after the girl turns into a mermaid new crash,font defect normal
#15154 DIRECTOR: Interactive Bible For Kids [D5] Menu Buttons not working new unknown-game, broken-buttons, broken defect normal
#15162 TITANIC: Using the word "that" when talking to a character causes a segfault new crash, wc_pronoun, word, parser, this, those, that defect normal
#12062 PETKA: Wrong fonts in subtitles/inventory pending fonts whiterandrek defect low
#12302 ULTIMA4: Moongate remains on screen new Ultima IV moongate defect low
#12304 ULTIMA4: 2nd combat instance applies Quickness to all party members new Ultima IV quickness combat second dreammaster defect low
#12481 ULTIMA4: Text Colorization does not work new Ultima IV text colorization defect low
#13016 AGS: text appears in german Gemini Rue version that shouldn't be there new german, font defect low
#13127 GRIM: Grim Fandango - change default controller keys new grim, linux, controller, joystick, keymap, 2.5.0 feature request low
#14022 MTROPOLIS: Obsidian music, transitions, and exiting new Music, Transitions, Exiting defect low
#14311 ULTIMA8: Disappearing Stepping Stone new stone, lava defect low
#15096 compilation issue: no more ARM64 cpu optimisations (NEON) new configure compilation msys2 mingw aarch64 arm64 neon WindowsonARM WoA64 WinARM64 defect low
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