19:09 Ticket #13531 (GUI: Updating SoundFont via GUI doesn't save changes) closed by criezy
fixed: And this is now fixed.


21:31 Ticket #3493 (SCUMM: Dig - Rat Trap Puzzle Error) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: It seems nobody else was able to replicate this, so this might have …
14:22 Ticket #13531 (GUI: Updating SoundFont via GUI doesn't save changes) created by Purduecoz
Changes to the Global Options, MIDI, SoundFont setting through the GUI …
08:33 Ticket #13530 (ULTIMA6: Enemy Weapons incorrect and unbalanced) created by bliznik
In the original Ultima 6, Gargoyles mainly wield boomerangs, halberds, …
07:00 Ticket #13342 (No feedback sound in black bucket by bus puzzle) closed by neuromancer
fixed: Fixed in …
01:40 Ticket #13529 (SCI: Character models and faces don't render on CD Version of Jones in ...) created by Purduecoz
Using ScummVM 2.5.1 (MacOS/Apple Silicon) and Jones in the Fast Lane …


14:45 Ticket #13528 (GRIM: Grim Fandango crashes after loading a save (MAC)) created by SalvadorLSA
I'm running original 2CD Windows version of Grim Fandango in MacOS …
14:44 Ticket #12341 (DS: No virtual keyboard) closed by ccawley2011
14:38 Ticket #13378 (SCUMM: SAMNMAX: Timing Problems in German CD Intro) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: The improvements made by eriktorbjorn appear to work beautifully on …
14:21 Ticket #3454 (SCUMM: COMI - Part 5: Clickable sky behaves strangely) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Closing this as I have just verified that this happens on the original …


22:37 Ticket #13527 (AGOS: MIDI setControllerDefault() crash with SIMON1-FLOPPY if ...) created by dwatteau
Using ScummVM 2.6.0git from 2022-05-30 on OpenBSD/amd64 7.1. A …
20:15 Ticket #13525 (GUI: Game list no longer responds to key presses (recent regression)) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed.
20:08 Ticket #13526 (An issue while launching rare japanese "The Neverhood") closed by sev-
outdated: That is an old version of ScummVM, almost 2 years old. This detection …
18:27 Ticket #13526 (An issue while launching rare japanese "The Neverhood") created by AtsushiShiga
My ScummVM version is 2.2.0 While trying to compare english and …
14:40 Ticket #13507 (GUI: Bad scaling behaviour in new icons GUI) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed, now we use 1/2 of the default size
14:15 Ticket #13525 (GUI: Game list no longer responds to key presses (recent regression)) created by sluicebox
On the launcher in list mode, pressing a letter key no longer selects …
13:32 Ticket #6214 (BACKENDS: Android - improve mouse pointer movement in touchpad mode) closed by sev-
outdated: Closing as obsolete
13:05 Ticket #7389 (GUI does not reflect command line config overrides) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed. Now the overrides are designated by color.
13:05 Ticket #3712 (ALL: --savepath=PATH broken) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed.


23:11 Ticket #13413 (COMMON: Systematic crash after adding any new game in 2.6.0git) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed
22:42 Ticket #13096 (GUI: Wrong list items are disabled in the SCUMM launcher) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed. Please test comprehensively :D
22:42 Ticket #13515 (Symbian support) closed by sev-
invalid: Because the port is unmaintained and was for a long while. Please, do …
22:16 Ticket #13524 (Chewy - German Version . Crash after Intro when the the game starts) created by gabberhead
Intro plays fine. but when the game starts, the game crashes with …
21:20 Ticket #13523 (CHEWY: Missing secondary comments by Chewy) created by afreickmann
Many of Chewys comments are missing, when you try something not …
20:46 Ticket #13522 (Chewy: No audio comment in inventory) created by afreickmann
Chewy does not say anything in the inventory when you look on items. I …
20:44 Ticket #13521 (CHEWY: Drone selection menu very hard to control) created by afreickmann
The control hitzones of the drone on F5 (clean, lookout, kill) are …
20:12 Ticket #13511 (SCUMM: COMI: Animation played on top of recipe book) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Fixed by …
20:10 Ticket #13520 (Chewy: Sound effects wrong associated) created by afreickmann
Getting the information from the INH_TAP.TXT file (listing of …
20:05 Ticket #13519 (CHEWY: feeding sequence hanging when scummvm window not active) created by afreickmann
I wasnt able to fully reproduce it, but the easiest was to switch to …
19:38 Ticket #13518 (Chewy: mouse button still visible when im icon menu) created by afreickmann
The mouse button should vanish when clicking the right mouse button to …
19:17 Ticket #13517 (Chewy: subtitles delaying speech) created by afreickmann
The subtitles are slower as the spoken text (20% slower?). This is ok …
19:08 Ticket #13516 (CHEWY: german special chars are missing) created by afreickmann
The special characters of the german version are all missing. äüöß
16:35 Ticket #13013 (BACKENDS: SDL: Cursor is sticky around the edges on WAYLAND) closed by lephilousophe
fixed: This should be fixed in current master. The PR …
14:20 Ticket #13515 (Symbian support) created by Computershik73
Hello, why did you remove Symbian support in this commit: …
13:52 Ticket #13215 (OpenGLSdlGraphics3dManager::setupScreen() might invoke `glGetIntegerv` ...) closed by lephilousophe
fixed: Fixed in 31caab89e1e7fe6494a4da2fbb743b90bb509450 Thanks.
12:25 Ticket #13091 (ScummVM 2.5.0 installer for WinXP: "Entry point _difftime64 not found ...) closed by lephilousophe
fixed: This has been fixed in the toolchain
11:15 Ticket #13514 (ULTIMA6: Searched for items stacked in reverse) created by bliznik
In the original Ultima 6, when you defeated an enemy and searched its …
10:35 Tickets #11910,​4872,​4883,​5802,​5897,​6779,​11726,​11781,​11838,​11856,​11899,​11902,​11903,​11905,​11780,​11888 batch updated by lotharsm
invalid: Closing due to port removal in 5e05f93f36a998f08a676bb3db22b673f677d3f8
10:23 Ticket #12646 (PORTS: MACOS: Mac OS loss of mouse focus with OpenGL) closed by lephilousophe
09:38 Ticket #13384 (LAN: Wrong server IP address shown) closed by lephilousophe
invalid: The bug is in SDL_Net.
07:06 Ticket #13513 (ULTIMA6: New actor dolls shaded in green) created by bliznik
For some reason, when I go into settings and select "video" and "use …
06:44 Ticket #13512 (AGS: Segfault on quitting a game) created by eriktorbjorn
The current development version of ScummVM segfaults when I quit an …
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