22:42 Ticket #13120 (GLK: Quest: Gathered in Darkness: Missing text and commands not understood) created by angstsmurf
At the third turn of Gathered in Darkness …
21:14 Ticket #13119 (DIRECTOR: Game "Physikus" (director v7) not starting) created by oNdsen
ScummVM version: ScummVM 2.5.0 (Oct 1 2021 17:49:58) Trying to start …
21:12 Ticket #13118 (ASYLUM: French version - Wrong chapter titles in loading screens) created by imaxmm
I don't know if this bug is present in the original French version of …
09:48 Ticket #13117 (GRIM: DiMUSE: Lighthouse music not played correctly) created by Yalefeuv
v2.5.0 Grim Fandango french Win7 In year 2 go to the lighthouse (near …
06:52 Ticket #13116 (TWINE: slowdown when grid mask is applied) created by mgerhardy
happens e.g. in the first scene of the asylum when entering the room …
06:31 Ticket #13115 (TWINE: Text is different from speech) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: Thanks for the report - should be fixed now in master and branch-2-5
04:26 Ticket #13101 (SHERLOCK: Game crashes lightning matches on lab table) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Since the first one is cleaner, I'm pulling into master and the 2.5 branch


19:09 Ticket #13115 (TWINE: Text is different from speech) created by vvs-
In asylum when Twinsen discovered his id card and holomap the text is …
16:22 Ticket #11989 (TWINE: Adeline software jingle keeps looping through the startup screens) closed by mgerhardy
16:19 Ticket #13063 (TWINE: Game crash when any video must be displayed if crossfade=true) closed by mgerhardy
16:07 Ticket #12876 (TWINE: highres mode doesn't center on desired scene position for the ...) closed by mgerhardy
16:05 Ticket #12501 (TWINE / VITA: Little Big Adventure Runs Slow on PSP Vita) closed by mgerhardy
15:31 Ticket #12893 (TWINE: rendering artifacts for 3d models) closed by mgerhardy
15:27 Ticket #12020 (TWINE: Rendering artifacts if 3d model is clipped) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: 24b7e04424f5ecc334210e1aeff724cb062d0857 fixes another issue
14:16 Ticket #13105 (SCUMM: HE - Crash when loading certain save games) closed by raziel-
fixed: @Satertek You are quite right. I was hooked on the cloud feature …
12:19 Ticket #13114 (SQ3: v1.018 "COURSE ALREADY ACHIEVED" not displaying) created by Thpwg
Hi ! During operation of the navigation map. If I click on SET …
06:43 Ticket #13111 (Crash during load of saved game in Freddi Fish 1) closed by eriktorbjorn
06:40 Ticket #13113 (Humongous Games crash when loading save) closed by eriktorbjorn


22:50 Ticket #13113 (Humongous Games crash when loading save) created by Satertek
Platform: Windows 11 (10.0.22000) ScummVM: ScummVM 2.5 and (nightly) …
20:57 Ticket #13112 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director (Jewels of the Oracle, ...) created by laenion
The game in 'JEWELSCD' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
13:55 Ticket #13111 (Crash during load of saved game in Freddi Fish 1) created by kamaradclimber
When using scummvm 2.5.0 on Linux, loading of saved games in Freddi …
12:41 Ticket #13110 (AGS: Add Detection for "The Construction") created by Termimad
The game in 'The Construction' seems to be an unknown game variant. …
02:41 Ticket #13070 (BBVS: Loogie - No updates to the play field (Sprites not erased?)) closed by bluegr
fixed: Thanks for reporting this! Fixed in …


19:52 Ticket #13109 (ASYLUM: Fountain not triggered) created by laenion
I'm not entirely sure whether this is a bug or a feature, but in …
19:44 Ticket #13108 (ASYLUM: Resolution flickering on "Load Game" screen) created by laenion
When moving the mouse cursor over a saved game in the "Load Game" …
12:19 Ticket #3594 (SCUMM: MM (NES) - Text artifacts) closed by LukasThyWalls
duplicate: Duplicate of #13107
12:17 Ticket #13107 (SCUMM: MM (NES-EU-ES) - Last letters retained in screen/missing letters) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello. Tested with 2.5.0 and last SVN from today, the issue affects …
10:30 Ticket #13106 (GUI: Launcher - Mouse wheel not consistent in "Keymaps" tab) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.6.0git (Nov 27 2021 09:20:13) Features compiled in: TAINTED …
01:45 Ticket #13095 (SCI detection routine overruled by director detection) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Thanks for reporting this, that entry is now disabled: …


22:17 Ticket #12037 (TWINE: No music in FLA movie) closed by vvs-
fixed: Fixed, thanks! Both MIDI and CD audio tracks are working for me. I …
10:00 Ticket #13105 (SCUMM: HE - Crash when loading certain save games) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.6.0git (Nov 24 2021 10:38:39) Features compiled in: Vorbis …
09:22 Ticket #13089 (ASYLUM: Interface freezes after climbing the stairs in first scene) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report


07:44 Ticket #13081 (ASYLUM: Sanitarium errors after the intro) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report
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