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TWINE: No music in FLA movie

Reported by: vvs- Owned by: mgerhardy
Priority: normal Component: Engine: TwinE
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Cc: Game: Little Big Adventure


There is no CD music in Twinsen's dream video. But I have music in main menu. All CD audio tracks are there as track[1-9].flac.

Also, I've noticed that there is no sound of surf in the title video, where Twinsen is flying through game title.

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comment:1 by mgerhardy, 10 months ago

The intro should be fixed in 53d6af71bd4e08c2cb7412751c05f800031f249c

comment:2 by sev-, 10 months ago

Owner: set to mgerhardy
Resolution: fixed
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comment:3 by sev-, 10 months ago

Summary: No music in FLA movieTWINE: No music in FLA movie

comment:4 by vvs-, 10 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closednew

The sounds are now fixed, but there is still no music.

BTW, the music seems to be not CD audio after all, but probably MIDI.

comment:5 by mgerhardy, 10 months ago

Yes, the original game played midi during cutscenes - most likely due to not trying to read the cinematic and the music from the cd at the same time.

You can find a list with midi files here:

Which one should get played in the cutscenes?

comment:6 by vvs-, 10 months ago

Are you suggesting that they are hardcoded? I'd expect the midi track number to be stored inside FLA file itself.

In any case it's very difficult to compare midi tracks. The very nature of midi makes the actual sound depend on the instrument samples which you have, so they will sound quite differently using different samples. Also, many tracks in LBA actually sound very similar, if not identical.

I can (vaguely) identify the track in INTROD.FLA as number lbaI2 in midi files. But that midi track is actually much longer than the video. Also, I can't say anything about other videos without playing all the game which is impractical ATM.

comment:7 by mgerhardy, 10 months ago

That already helps - there are still a few unknown values in the fla header. Having at least an idea of the possible values might help to identify them.

Then there is entry 24 in ress.hqr which should contain fla information - but nothing is known yet about that entry afaik.

comment:9 by mgerhardy, 10 months ago

I've pushed a potential fix - but I need your feedback. Can't get midi running in dosbox - so it's impossible for me to verify on my own. I've tested the introd scene and the baffe scene when twinsen is imprisoned again in the asylum.

comment:10 by mgerhardy, 10 months ago

oh, if anyone is testing this with a cutscene that is played while a scene is active, please keep in mind that there is still an open issue about the palette. See here:

comment:11 by vvs-, 10 months ago

Unfortunately this is not the right midi track at all. Neither are those numbers printed in debug log.

comment:12 by mgerhardy, 10 months ago

Reverted that commit. The entry 23 of ress.hqr is for the gif animations, it contains a string with the frames and the animation names. This was integrated into the engine. But i'm still unsure where to get the midi track id from.

introd 2 4 6 8 10
baffe 12 14
baffe2 12 14
baffe3 12 14
baffe4 12 14
bateau 16 18
bateau2 16 20
flute2 22
navette 24
templebu 26 28 30
glass2 32
surf 34
verser 36
verser2 36
capture 38 40 42 44 46
neige2 48 50 52

dragon3 100


newlines via \r\n

Just leaving this here as a reference.

comment:13 by mgerhardy, 9 months ago

flute2 contained an unimplemented opcode for playing a midi track 26 - this is implemented now in

comment:14 by vvs-, 9 months ago

Does it suppose to fix this issue? Because there is still no music after that commit.

comment:15 by vanfanel, 12 days ago

I can confirm there's still no music during intro movie play with current GIT version, so the issue is still there.

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comment:16 by mgerhardy, 12 days ago

Which version of the game are we talking about here? And which OS are you running the game on?

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