23:19 Ticket #10478 (SCUMM: MI2 - Graphical issues and no MT-32 music (FM-Towns, patched)) closed by athrxx
23:18 Ticket #11284 (SCUMM: Monkey Island 2 - German Amiga sound driver bug) closed by athrxx
18:02 Ticket #11271 (GUI: PopUpControl text blank in UpdatesDialog) closed by bgK
fixed: Fixed in 452d22e6505b1f8e203eedbc59ac5284c8ac967f.
11:47 Ticket #11301 (KYRA: Kyrandia 2. Voice issue) closed by athrxx
fixed: Okay, I close this then. Thanks for testing!
09:06 Ticket #11303 (KYRA: Kyrandia 1. Some bugs) created by ctoroman
Savegames in bugs.zip Bug1: Go right. Sound effect is heard when …
08:41 Ticket #11302 (King's Quest 7: Checksums for SoftClub version (official Russian CD)) created by trcpman
ScummVM version: 2.1.0 Game version: Official Russian CD from SoftClub …


02:42 Ticket #11301 (KYRA: Kyrandia 2. Voice issue) created by ctoroman
Please open a saved game. At this location, the ambient sound overlaps …


16:43 Ticket #11300 (3DS Port Crashing - Development Build.) created by MarioKartFan
Hello bgK: The latest development build still crashes for me upon …
15:48 Ticket #11299 (SCI32: GK2: Grabled video playback during the werewolf ending sequence) created by bgK
ScummVM 724ced87d03dcafd45164e70ef14190023c4dec8, GK2 English 1.1. In …
15:43 Ticket #11298 (SCI32: GK2: Graphical glitch on the death screen) created by bgK
ScummVM 724ced87d03dcafd45164e70ef14190023c4dec8, GK2 English 1.1. …
11:25 Ticket #11289 (KYRA: Kyrandia 2. Secret potion issue) closed by athrxx
Great, thanks for doing another test. And a Happy New Year to you, too! :)
07:25 Ticket #11292 (3DS Port Long Load-times for SCI32) closed by bgK
fixed: Thanks! The crash has been fixed in commit 9454346. Development builds …


12:40 Ticket #11297 ([NO BUG] Mailserver test) closed by lotharsm
fixed: Closing.
12:40 Ticket #11297 ([NO BUG] Mailserver test) created by lotharsm
This bug is opened just to check the current mail server configuration.
11:43 Ticket #11296 (BLADERUNNER: Investigate audio video desynch issues) created by antoniou79
People in GOG forums have reported this issue, and some have written …
10:50 Ticket #11295 (BLADERUNNER: save games may not work on macOS Catalina) created by antoniou79
Users on GOG forum have reported potential issues with the save …
10:43 Ticket #11294 (BLADERUNNER: Game freezes if exiting from KIA when audio device disabled) created by antoniou79
To reproduce in Windows 10, disable the audio output device from the …
10:31 Ticket #11293 (BLADERUNNER: McCoy disappears when thrown in NR01 by Hanoi) created by antoniou79
This seems to happen only when McCoy tries three (3) times to enter …


04:57 Ticket #11292 (3DS Port Long Load-times for SCI32) created by MarioKartFan
The excellent 3DS port takes over a minute to load SCI32 games. SCUMM …
04:54 Ticket #11291 (3DS Port issues with SCI engines) closed by MarioKartFan
invalid: I just tested the latest stable build and after a full minute or …
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