18:37 Ticket #14714 (Unknown game variant for pink) created by pncFreak
The game in 'Pink Panther - Den farefulle ferden\' seems to be an …
16:32 Ticket #14065 (DIRECTOR: Majestic Part I: Alien Encounter [Windows/German] (D5) Game ...) closed by tag2015
13:10 Ticket #14713 (AUDIO: Gobliiins 5: Music glitch when moving) closed by fracturehill
fixed: I've reverted the offending commit, things should be back to normal …
06:39 Ticket #14713 (AUDIO: Gobliiins 5: Music glitch when moving) created by ctoroman
Game: Gobliiins 5 After this patch: …
05:05 Ticket #14712 (Unknown game variant - Dragonsphere - PC - English) closed by dreammaster
invalid: Thanks for the report, but it's already in the detection list for the …


18:50 Ticket #14712 (Unknown game variant - Dragonsphere - PC - English) created by p1r473
The game in 'Dragonsphere' seems to be an unknown game variant. …
16:56 Ticket #13722 (BACKENDS: LIBRETRO/Xbox One: MMansion Deluxe (AGS) Walking/interaction ...) closed by tag2015
16:34 Ticket #12998 (AGS: Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake - Toolbar icons often ...) closed by tag2015
fixed: Closing again, as the issue is fixed in the upcoming version 2.8.0 …
16:18 Ticket #12402 (AGS: Slowness in some games.) closed by tag2015
fixed: The optimizations have been completed and fixed, so I guess this …
15:44 Ticket #14633 (AGS: AVX2 optimizations are not enabled in Win 2.8.0 release builds) closed by tag2015
fixed: Following the latest fixes, everything seems to be stable and …
11:50 Ticket #10897 (ZVISION: Assertion fails on locales with decimal comma) closed by bluegr
invalid: Thanks, closing as invalid
11:48 Ticket #13971 (ULTIMA6: Saving and loading the game results in blank screen.) closed by bluegr
fixed: The PR has been merged, so this can be closed
09:09 Ticket #14711 (FREESCAPE: implement C64 releases) created by neuromancer
The C64 releases are barely supported in the current code. They are …
08:50 Ticket #14573 (SCI: Phantasmagoria Crashes) closed by sluicebox
wontfix: Please apply Sierra's patch to fix the barn lockup and other edge …
04:13 Ticket #13946 (SCI: "Failed To Load MT32.DRV" Error Starting Rama) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: …


22:57 Ticket #14687 (ULTIMA6: Game crashes) closed by mduggan
fixed: Fix is now merged, thanks again for reporting.
22:51 Ticket #14688 (ULTIMA6: Game crashes upon load) closed by mduggan
duplicate: Confirmed this only happens with roofs enabled and is fixed by the PR …
22:29 Ticket #14680 (REMORSE: Game-breaking bugs in Mission 12) closed by mduggan
22:02 Ticket #13102 (SCUMM/HE - Crackling on start of every new music piece) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Well would you look at that... a leftover development header block …
21:31 Ticket #14708 (NANCY: Nancy Drew STFD - Can't go into prop room) closed by fracturehill
fixed: Thank you for reporting! The scene this is happening in can cause a …
20:26 Ticket #14710 (GUI: HelpDialog does not handle resizes) created by sev-
The HelpDialog is not reacting to the window resizes. If make the …
20:20 Ticket #14611 (SIGSEGV in Scumm::ScummEngine::syncSoundSettings()) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed in 319dcd9a89bff5a75e8eedf993cdde4da56a3bd0, but a more generic …
17:42 Ticket #14709 (GUI: Please add a feature to filter by language to the mass add widget.) created by i30817
Since games are often distributed with multiple languages but often …
16:37 Ticket #13708 (SLUDGE: Heap corruption in Out of Order end credits) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed
15:40 Ticket #14708 (NANCY: Nancy Drew STFD - Can't go into prop room) created by hannahontrek
When I knock on the prop room door, Millie says, "It's open!", but …
10:20 Ticket #12983 (INDY3: Macintosh version uses PC verb GUI with high-res fonts rather ...) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: The pull request has been merged. Thanks to everyone involved! I …
01:58 Ticket #14442 (GUI: Display Seizure Warning popup for known applicable games) closed by sev-
wontfix: If you have such a list of games, please provide them. I am not aware …
01:50 Ticket #13469 (Mod (Modifications) Support) closed by sev-
worksforme: Unfortunately, this cannot work as a generic solution and must be …
01:48 Ticket #13356 (GUI: Add the ability to sort by year of release) closed by sev-
fixed: Done
01:30 Ticket #13485 (FriBiDi: Error when compiling because some symbols are not allowed.) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed
01:24 Ticket #14060 (ScummVM crashes immediately when Nintendo 64 Switch controller is ...) closed by sev-
invalid: This is definitely not a ScummVM bug. Probably, SDL
01:22 Ticket #12801 (SYMBIAN: scummvm.exe crashes while starting if AGS engine compiled in) closed by sev-
outdated: Closing as outdated.
01:21 Ticket #13004 (DIRECTOR: Voyeur 2 (launcher) (D6) not starting) closed by sev-
invalid: I'm closing this, because no D6 games are supposed even to launch yet.
01:20 Ticket #13094 (DIRECTOR: Spaceship Warlock menu dropshadow is green where it should ...) closed by sev-
fixed: It has been fixed in the meantime
01:14 Ticket #13545 (GUI: Many games are not listed in series group) closed by sev-
fixed: I just re-checked and all the mentioned games have series attached in …
01:07 Ticket #13880 (DIRECTOR: Trying to run "Puppet Motel" by Laurie Anderson) closed by sev-
invalid: This is Director 5-based game. D5 support is in a very very …
00:47 Ticket #14010 (BACKENDS: SCUMMVM 2.6.1 snap not working on Raspberry Pi) closed by sev-
worksforme: Closing due to lack of information
00:47 Ticket #14016 (DIRECTOR: Spaceship Warlock menus are corrupted and non-functional in ...) closed by sev-
fixed: This has been fixed in the meantime


21:26 Ticket #14707 (Small typo in 2.8 section of NEWS.md) closed by lotharsm
fixed: This is correct in this case because we really want the past tense …
21:08 Ticket #14707 (Small typo in 2.8 section of NEWS.md) created by samo790
"Sped up graphics..." Should be: "Speed up graphics..."
14:42 Ticket #14643 (Unknown game variant for composer) closed by sev-
wontfix: We will not support this game, there were never official releases.


12:54 Ticket #11883 (STARK: Unsupported variant, which seems to be an even older demo) closed by somaen
11:38 Ticket #14706 (Shardlight Unknown game variant for ags) closed by tag2015
outdated: Ok, closing :)
10:26 Ticket #13119 (DIRECTOR: Game "Physikus" (director v7) not starting) closed by tag2015
09:50 Ticket #14648 (SWORD1: French translation game variant for sword1) closed by tag2015
06:17 Ticket #14297 (ULTIMA8: Crash trying to save BookGump) closed by OMGPizzaGuy
fixed: I've been able to reproduce this in the past, but appears to be …
04:41 Ticket #14703 (iOS: Ultima 8 crashes when Fluidsynth has no soundfont) closed by OMGPizzaGuy
fixed: Fixed for Ultima8 by commit …
00:10 Ticket #14683 (Unknown game variant for director) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks for the report! All seven games have been added in commit …


23:49 Ticket #14705 (REMORSE: Silencer unable to climb onto platforms (must jump)) closed by mduggan
22:48 Ticket #14610 (SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Crash when clicking during flashback scene at ...) closed by PushmePullyu
21:13 Ticket #14706 (Shardlight Unknown game variant for ags) created by noblonski
hey there, this is the steam version. The game in 'Shardlight\' seems …
15:01 Ticket #14700 (AGS Game Abscission not detected / Steam English) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks! Added in …
15:01 Ticket #14702 (Unknown game variant for ags - Dreams in the Witch House (Steam / English)) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks! Added in …
12:09 Ticket #14705 (REMORSE: Silencer unable to climb onto platforms (must jump)) created by orderorder
Linux 64 OS Mesa Drivers AMD RX580 AMD 1700 CPU Crusader No Remorse …
11:53 Ticket #14670 (AUDIO: SDL: Can't initialize audio client. Crash upon running game.) closed by sev-
worksforme: This is an SDL issue, we can offer only a workaround as outlined …
11:49 Ticket #14560 (SWORD1: Unknown game variant for sword1) closed by sev-
worksforme: Closing this as "works for me". We need a recursive directory list in …
11:47 Ticket #14511 (SWORD1: Unknown game variant for sword1) closed by sev-
worksforme: Closing as "works for me". If you provide us with the recursive …
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