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GUI: Display Seizure Warning popup for known applicable games

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Prior to starting up games known to contain epileptic triggers such as rapid flashing or strobe effects, display a popup notifying the user of this, with an option to return to the launcher. Emphasis on "games known to contain": too many games are supported by ScummVM to dig through all at once. Therefore, the popup warning would need to be applied on a best-effort basis, added to games over time as they become known to contain epileptic triggers.

Mockup of popup contents:
*([ ] = checkbox)

This game is known to contain rapidly flashing lights and/or strobe effects which can possibly cause epileptic seizures. Do you want to continue?

[Return to Launcher]
[ ] Remember my choice for this game.

This might necessitate a new section in the main options menu, in which the user can change behaviors for individual games that were set via the ( ) Remember my choice for this game. option.

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