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#1631 FT: Frequent crashing new aquadran defect Engine: SCUMM high
#3712 ALL: --savepath=PATH broken new defect GUI high
#5405 WOODRUFF: Can't Get Master's Powers new DrMcCoy defect Engine: Gob high
#5667 HUGO: Priority glitches in Whodunit? (Main Hall) new Strangerke defect Engine: Hugo high
#5730 AGI: Winnie: Color flood fill issue new m-kiewitz defect Engine: AGI high
#5862 AGOS: Deadlock when quitting Waxworks demo new Mataniko defect Engine: AGOS high
#6013 DW1: Act 2 Amazon dialog still skipping in GRA Versions new defect Engine: Tinsel high
#6054 HUGO: Priority glitch in Whodunit? (Parrot) new Strangerke defect Engine: Hugo high
#6132 SCUMM: USE_ARM_COSTUME_ASM is buggy new defect Engine: SCUMM high
#6243 AGOS: The Feeble Files PL - wrong file used new Kirben defect Engine: AGOS high
#6533 WME: Ghost in the Sheet - Freeze of final cutscenes new defect Engine: Wintermute high
#6810 ARM: Various Crashes due to buggy ARM ASM optimizations new defect Ports high
#6957 AUDIO: ARM ASM sound code causes distorted audio on 32 bit armv6 new defect Ports high
#9705 FULLPIPE: AmigaOS: Crash on start new defect Engine: Fullpipe high
#10004 Android: Virt Keyboard modifier keys inconsistent after reopening keypad new defect Port: Android high
#10610 Mismatch with libcurl3 from buildbot setup and libcurl4 from Debian/sid. new defect Port: Linux high
#10622 Journeyman Project - Pegasus Prime error new defect Engine: Pegasus high
#11149 AndroidSDL Blade Runner Engine crash pending antoniou79 defect Engine: Bladerunner high
#11193 BF 2001 Error: (11:298:0:180) Cannot Read Resource! new defect Engine: SCUMM high
#11199 SWITCH: Cloud saves feature on Nintendo Switch is not connecting new defect Ports high
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