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#11500 GUI: Pressing escape in the GTK file chooser sometimes closes ScummVM new defect high
#6304 GUI: Missing some Cyrillic characters in popups (non-ttf) new defect normal
#6944 GUI: UI mangles dead keys new defect normal
#6948 GUI: Allow text selection new feature request normal
#7103 GUI: GMM Options dialog doesn't adapt to changing resolutions new defect normal
#7605 Different game description according to language new feature request normal
#7720 GUI: default option new sev- feature request normal
#7722 GUI: volume and subtitles speed sliders new feature request normal
#7782 GUI: Game Sortation: Folders / Subfolders new feature request normal
#9968 GUI: Selecting fullscreen mode inconsistency new defect normal
#10286 BACKENDS: SDL - GMM and game resolution doesn't scale together for enhanced graphics on small screens new defect normal
#10441 GUI: Save/load dialog flickers when repeatedly clicking the list/grid buttons new defect normal
#11645 GUI: "New save"-button state handling is broken. new defect normal
#11745 GUI: THEME: Some tabs and selectors have hidden options in low resolution mode new defect normal
#12946 GUI: Achievements do not take full width of screen new defect normal
#13171 GUI: ScummVM stops using flag/platform icons and publisher/series info after downloading optional icon pack new defect normal
#13200 Separate Full Screen setting for GUI and Games new feature request normal
#13201 Option to make save/load screen conform to the screen size of the active game while in fullscreen mode new feature request normal
#13241 GUI: Interface requires improvements for small resolutions. new defect normal
#13355 Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI new feature request normal
#13356 GUI: Add the ability to sort by year of release new feature request normal
#13421 GUI: Version info should be right-aligned in list view new defect normal
#13503 GUI: Add a way to delete saved games from the save/load game grid view new defect normal
#13538 GUI: Add default Icon Path new feature request normal
#13545 Many games are not listed in series group new defect normal
#13578 GUI: Show ESRB/PEGI ratings of ScummVM games new feature request normal
#13580 GUI: File browser should start from selected path new feature request normal
#2016 GUI: non-english chars in directory names not supported new defect low
#7124 GUI: Buttons don't highlight when mouse press is released over them new defect low
#10363 GUI: Ability to hightlight ScummVM version # in GUI and copy to clipboard new feature request low
#11637 GUI: STRETCH MODE: Popup Menu displays redundant 'Normal' setting. new defect low
#12316 Configurable quick buttons for the Android and IOS ports new feature request low
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